New York State man fights with police over a package, but there was no package

Deliveries being stolen from porches have become such a problem that thieves accused of doing this have even earned their own distinction; porch pirates The following story doesn’t seem to have anything to do with the porch pirates, just misplaced rage? A New York state man took it upon himself to investigate a package that he felt was delivered to the wrong house on the block, according to a news release.

But was this other resident really holding on to the package he had ordered?

Don’t take my package!

Finger Lakes 1 reports that a 31-year-old man believed a package he had ordered was delivered to the wrong house. However, police say the encounter was not civil. Authorities say the Penn Yan man physically threatened the other neighbor when they opened the door. Once police arrived, the suspect turned his anger on the officers and began fighting with them, according to Finger Lakes 1. Not the smartest move.

What was so important about this package that caused such an uproar in this small town? For now, nobody knows. Police say there was never a package at the other house to begin with. Police say the suspect has been charged with threatening and resisting arrest. One has to wonder what she had asked for that made him so anxious.

Penn Yan is a small incorporated town in Yates County.

Remember this story from October?

Police say some unexpected stowaways likely traveled from Hawaii and arrived in New York state last October. The item, which police say a person ordered online, contained an additional nasty surprise inside.

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WROC says that officials received a call from a residence that there was a scorpion inside the package. But while officials aren’t quite sure how the scorpion got into the box, they don’t think it was an intentional act of any kind. They believe that the scorpion simply got into the package or the order that was inside the package.

WROC he later reported that there were several scorpions in the package. The recipient’s name is Paul Brenner, who is the drummer for the band, joywave. Brenner had reportedly ordered a T-shirt and shoes from the vendor, not a bunch of arachnids.

Javier Conejero

Javier Conejero

Do scorpions live in New York?

Scorpions are not generally found in New York, as they are cold-blooded invertebrates that prefer warmer climates. Winters in the Northeast are too cold for them, plus there are plenty of natural predators that would make a scorpion an easy snack. However, there is a species called pseudoscorpions (or book scorpions) that are found in New York. These tiny creatures belong to the class of arachnids and lack the curved “tail” that scorpions are known for.

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