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Dear Seattle University College of Arts and Sciences Community,

The College of Arts and Sciences stands in solidarity with members of our LGBTQIA+ community who are affected by the violence inflicted on the LGBTQIA+ community in Colorado Springs this past weekend. Violence against trans people in 2021 was unprecedented, and it is important to note and respond to the rise in violence Black trans women are experiencing at the intersections of historically entrenched anti-Black racism and transphobia, and to continue advocating for the rights of our LGBTQ+ communities in solidarity with the movements for Black Lives and Indigenous sovereignty. We must work together to elevate and center the experiences of those on the margins.

2022 has been a deadly year for our country as gun violence fueled by racism, xenophobia, homophobia and transphobic bigotry has claimed the lives of so many innocent people. These people have only sought to live out their birthright: to exist authentically in a world that forces people with marginalized identities into hiding by virtue of their race, ethnicity, sexuality, or gender identity.

This is a moment in which the Jesuit value of personal care, caring for the whole person resonates more strongly. We must always look at how we connect our community through the three concepts at the heart of personal care – treat people as individuals and honor their unique worth and acknowledge people’s backgrounds, including their family life, nationality and culture.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the faculty and staff who work to center the experiences of marginalized people, whether through their research, curriculum, pedagogy, or connection with students. The work you do to ensure that our students in the College of Arts and Sciences receive an empowering and holistic social justice education is crucial to changing the trajectory of our country.

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The work we are doing in the coming years in the College of Arts and Sciences to implement the Strategic Plan, in concert and with the support of the University’s LIFT SU initiative, is focused on changing this collective trajectory, as well as creating a inclusive environment. for people with minority identities to thrive, whether as students, faculty, or staff. This includes changing our curriculum to enhance the experiences of marginalized communities, creating spaces to engage in transformative social justice dialogue to build solidarity across different groups, among other components led by the Strategic Action Committee for Inclusive Academic Excellence.

We are also talking with Citizen Security about training and other steps they are taking on campus. Monthcome back to that soon.

To our students in the College of Arts and Sciences who have been affected by these events:

Please reach out if you need to speak to someone. There are several resources on campus that are available to help you navigate this time, as well as communicate with faculty and staff.

care team

TimelyCare (Virtual/Online 24/7)

Counseling and Psychology Services (CAPS)

Student Health Center (SHC)

Health and Wellness and Health and Wellness Promotion Team (HAWC)

Thank you to everyone who is a part of the College of Arts and Sciences. We are united as an academic community that aims to recognize and honor our shared humanity as the foundation of our values-based education.

To be honest,

David V. Powers, Dean, College of Arts and Sciences

Darozyl Touch, Assistant