Nica Del Rosario dedicates her new song ‘Balang Araw’ to the defense of LGBTQIA+ equality

Nica Del Rosario dedicates her new song 'Balang Araw' to the defense of LGBTQIA+ equality nica del rosario and Justine Peña
The undated photo shows Nica del Rosario and Justine Peña during their wedding in Sydney, Australia (@nicadelrosario/Twitter)

“It was a small and simple action, but it crushed my heart like a stone.”

That’s how the singer-songwriter nica del rosario described her feelings as she recalled the time she signed her marital status “single” on a form before returning to the Philippines.

Del Rosario and his partner Justine Pena they tied the knot in a simple ceremony in Sydney, Australia, last August.

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However, their marriage is not recognized under Philippine law.

In a Nov. 18 post, Del Rosario said this reality occurred to him when he was filling out his a health pass card, an online tracking form required for travelers before entering the country.

“While reviewing mine, I stopped at one question: marital status. She stared back at me, almost mockingly, as if she knew that despite our magical and joyous wedding just a couple of days before, I had to begrudgingly mark myself as ‘single,’” Del Rosario said.

“It was a small and simple action, but it crushed my heart like a stone. It represented the reality that awaited us in Manila – that the vows we exchanged in Sydney will not be fulfilled in the place we call home,” she added.

Del Rosario also lamented: “The joy of legally committing ourselves to spend the rest of our lives together is mixed with the bitterness that according to the laws where we live, that means nothing. But to us, it means everything.”

The “Rosas” singer said then that such an emotional moment inspired her to write her new song “Someday”.

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She said she found “consolation” in her other reality that her marriage to Peña is still recognized in Australia, the United States, Canada and other countries.

Also, Del Rosario told herself that they have the life and family they built.

“I don’t know when our laws will change; We may be like those old couples in the US who rushed to court on the day same-sex marriage was legalized in all 50 states. Maybe it will come in 10 years. Maybe we won’t live to see it,” Del Rosario said.

“But we have today, and our love and our family. And for now, that’s enough,” she added.

“Balang Araw” is therefore dedicated to the LGBTQIA+ community, Del Rosario said.

“’Balang Araw’ is for all the people in our community who continue to hope and fight for what we stand for: to be treated as human beings, to have the same rights as everyone else,” he said.

She also stated, “We’ll have our ‘someday’ too, but for now, let’s love each other first.”

“Balang Araw” is now available on all digital platforms.

The couple, along with Jeli Mateo, are the artists behind former Vice President Leni Robredo’s campaign songs “Kay Leni Tayo” and “Rosas.”

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In addition, Del Rosario also co-wrote Sarah Geronimo’s popular hit song, “Tala.”