Nikita Dragun’s Previously Celebrated Arrest Turns Sour On Discrimination With Prison Placement

Amy Sussman/Getty Images

controversial youtuber nikita dragon is having a rough week.

The 26-year-old makeup guru is a near constant source of controversy, particularly after a very ill-advised party thrown amid the COVID-19 pandemic. In the years since, Dragun has become a household name, but not always in a good way. Her recent arrest had some of the YouTuber’s detractors reveling in some good old-fashioned banter. celebrity schadenfreudeparticularly as they dissected the deliberately bizarre details surrounding his arrest.

Dragun was arrested on November 7 at the Goodtime Hotel in Miami, following a bizarre series of events outlined in a police report on the incident. The report states that Ella Dragun was arrested following alleged assault and disorderly conduct, but she retreated to the hotel pool when police tried to take her into custody. Reports that she splashed pool water on police while fully nude make the circumstances surrounding the arrest feel like a fever dream, and critics of Dragun wasted no time in mocking the content creator. .

The humor that many found at Dragun’s arrest is starting to sour, however, following the news that Dragun was misrepresented in police reports and forced to remain in the men’s unit during her time in custody. This is despite the fact that all of Dragun’s legal documents classify her as female, as does her identification. The news is causing widespread outrage, as even Dragun’s detractors reject the clear violation of Dragun’s rights.

A video showing a short clip of a discussion between Dragun and the judge about her case recently surfaced on Reddit, where user Brave_Lady noted that Dragun is being “forced to stay in a male Unit despite being female on her ID and have changed all their legal documents.”

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The short 17-second clip shows a Zoom room with Dragun, a judge, and several other people present. At the beginning of the video, Dragun asks to ask the judge one more question, before diving into his consultation.

Through clear emotion, Dragun asks if he has to “stay here in a men’s unit yet.” The judge, pointing out that she has no control over where people are kept, says Dragun should get “adequate accommodation”. The clip cuts shortly after, but it appears that the judge agrees with Dragun that she is currently being held in the wrong place.

In the comments section of the Reddit post, people were wondering about the legality of Dragun’s current situation. Considering that all of her legal documents clearly identify Dragun as female, she should be with other women, rather than men. Many noted that despite their dislike for Dragun as a person, the situation is very complicated and places Dragun in a particularly high risk category for sexual violence.

Police also reportedly mistook Dragun on her arrest report, which, according to a screenshot shared on Twitter, mistakenly identifies her with a clear “M” for male.

The vast majority of people on both Twitter and Reddit echoed the same sentiment, noting that “I’m not a fan of Nikita, but this is a violation of human rights and safety.”

The blame largely fell on Florida as a whole, with many calling on allies and the LGBTQIA community to boycott the state and others with similar policies, or risk treatment similar to what Dragun experienced.