‘Nothing Has Been Done’: Mom Shares Horrific Experience With Missing Ex & Inept Maintenance Courts

“My children will be kicked out of the university for non-payment, however, the justice system does not care.”

“I’m desperate,” says a local mother about her current financial problems.

The mother has written to News24 for advice on what to do about her ex-husband, who became delinquent on child support after moving to Dubai.

The former pilot and current college professor stopped paying court-ordered maintenance in 2021, the mother says, which has left her family in dire straits.

She says attempts to get support from the child support courts have turned a desperate situation into a nightmare.

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Sharing her story, she writes:

I am a single mother of 2 children in college, two girls, 22 and 19 years old. Her father was a pilot, but Covid-19 happened and he was fired.

He received a large pension payment but managed to secure a position as a professor at a university in Dubai. However, he insists that he is unemployed, which is a lie.

He is supposed to pay support for our two children, college fees, textbooks, and medical care for the children until they are self-sufficient under the divorce decree. As of the end of 2021 to date, all maintenance has stopped and my son’s college fees are in arrears.

I approached the court in Johannesburg and was told that my case was pending. I was told that South Africa has no alliance with Dubai. After over a hundred emails of pleading, pleading, and freaking out, I was told I needed to open a civil case.

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I waited so long for nothing! The people of the court play with people’s lives and, what is worse, they play with defenseless children.

I had to start the process all over again.

“I have since opened a civil case”

I struggle daily to make ends meet. My children will be expelled from the university for non-payment; however, the court does not care. Eight months and nothing has been done to help us.

I have since opened a civil case. In June 2022, I inquired about the required documents I would need and went to court with the necessary documents as instructed. When I got there I was told I needed to bring bank statements which was never mentioned.

After emailing a prosecutor, still no help. They are still tracking his bank statements for more than eight months. I had to do all the work and submit a thousand documents, but nothing was done.

‘He walked away from court’

I had to take time off work and borrow money for gas. It’s painful but easy for the court people to tell you to come to court and serve another two million pieces of paper.

It’s sad how women beg and cry, away from court, rude magistrates and rude maintenance officers. The court people are disgusting.

Imagine that we, as women, make about ten visits to court; however, the man would come without paperwork and the case is dismissed.

I then emailed all department heads directly to the regional head and to date nothing has happened. I am desperate for help. Please, I ask the court to help me for the sake of my children. Can your parents go to court to help if they can’t reach you? I don’t know what to do.

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Locating the missing ex

“Like any other matter where a party cannot be found, a search agent or private investigator can be appointed to try to locate the missing ex,” advises lawyer Simon Dippenaar of Simon Dippenaar and associates.

According to Diepenaar, once the defaulter is found, a written order can be issued against his personal property or bank statement, and the mom can claim any outstanding child support.

As for claiming child support from her ex-husband’s parents, Dippenaar says this would be possible “if all other avenues had been exhausted.”

“The claimant, the mother, for example, has to prove that neither parent can support the child or that they cannot be located to claim child support.”

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