Notre Dame College launches capital campaign as it looks ‘Beyond 100’

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Faculty, staff, students, alumni, benefactors, trustees, Sisters of Notre Dame and friends of University of Notre Dame they gathered on September 17 under a large tent on campus to celebrate the university’s 100th anniversary.

The event also marked the beginning of Beyond 100, a $14 million capital campaign spearheaded by Ray Murphy. The initiative will inject $10 million in grants that will allow more students the opportunity to attend NDC and another $4 million to improve and renovate portions of the campus.

“We come together in a very special way to praise God and honor the faith-filled and dedicated women religious of the Sisters of Notre Dame who established Notre Dame College 100 years ago, a special place for all of us,” Bishop said. Edward Malesic, celebrant of the Mass.

He shared the origins of the university, noting that it grew from a letter written on March 26, 1922, by Mother Maria Cecilia to Bishop Joseph Schrembs, the fifth bishop of the Diocese of Cleveland. He was seeking permission to establish a college for women, and the bishop quickly approved it.

“Today, Notre Dame College stands like a beacon on a hill, providing a private, Catholic, student-oriented, mission-focused, values-based, academically excellent, character- and career-building education in the libertarian arts. for women at first, and now for men as well,” Bishop Malesic told those gathered for the liturgy.

“What I have come to learn as I travel to parishes, schools and other places of ministry throughout the diocese is the rich history and positive effect that communities of women religious have had in Northeast Ohio,” the bishop said. “Women make the difference. Our religious sisters have made a great difference. The Sisters of Notre Dame have made a remarkable difference, a positive difference for many. We are blessed to have the Sisters of Notre Dame in our diocese and this university is blessed to have them as its founder. This college continues its tradition of educational service and excellence in the example of Jesus, the supreme teacher,” he added.

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The bishop added his thanks to the sisters, NDC president Michael Pressimone, the board of trustees, administration, faculty, staff and benefactors for their support of the institution.

“Today, Notre Dame College remains an anchor for the community and a beacon of light and hope here on Green Road (at South Euclid), reflecting the light and hope of Jesus Christ in the lives of young and old alike,” he said. Bishop Malesic. he said, expressing his gratitude to the sisters and others who work to sustain and expand his vision for higher education. “This school is built on the rock of the faith of those women. It is not built on sand,” he added.

Reflecting on the Gospel, the bishop said it was taken from the conclusion of the Sermon on the Mount, noting that Jesus taught with authority and told listeners that “Everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice will be like a wise man. that he built his house on a rock.”

He reminded us that true religion should not be practiced simply by reciting or praying inside churches: “If we have transformed minds, we must also go out and renew the world. We must be like leaven in our society,” he said. “We must learn to live the Gospel in public, not just read the Gospel as part of our private spiritual lives. May what is heard and learned in the halls of NDC make a difference in our world. May the Catholic foundation of this school make a difference in the heart of love that we bring to our communities.”

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The bishop said he was “deeply grateful for the work of the college, shaping people to become virtuous and faith-filled people who bless our community with the knowledge they absorb from their instructors, professors, mentors and others who make up the College. of Notre-Dame. community.” He said that he is praying that they continue to be a living community, an active, welcoming and responsible community that values ​​everyone.

He told the group that Pope Francis said that Catholic education and formation are more important than ever in this age that is inundated with information that is often shared without wisdom or judgment. As educators, he said, “you are called to nurture the desire for truth, goodness and beauty that lies in the heart of each individual so that all learn to love life and open themselves to the fullness of life” and supports this vocation. .

“Go help people be the best they can be. Go to form minds that know the truth, live the truth and defend the truth. Go and make disciples of God, those who know that they are loved by their creator, who understand that they have a purpose in this world and believe that they are destined for eternity.”

After Mass, the group watched a video summarizing the university’s history and sharing testimonials about its mission and ministry. Pressimone told the group that they use care and compassion to help students complete their education.

Murphy shared information about the capital campaign, noting, “As a fifth-generation Clevelander who loves this city, I am committed to giving back to the underserved.” A product of Catholic upbringing himself, Murphy added: “We are offered a rare opportunity to put our money where our mouth is. This campaign is about the future,” he said, noting that he and his wife will “make an extraordinary gift for this cause.”

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Pressimone reminded the group that NDC started with 24 students and initially served German immigrants. Things are very different and diverse now, he noted, adding that he remains committed to the university’s mission.

“Every day I am filled with hope for the future of our students,” he said.

For more information about the Beyond 100 campaign or to donate, contact Culeen Carey at 216-373-5335 or [email protected]