Our grueling and necessary state-by-state fight for reproductive and electoral rights: ‘BradCast’ 8/25/2022

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  • Also: Zinke’s Corruption in MT
  • The sad ridiculousness of Walker in GA
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Until (and unless) Democrats can win at least two seats in the US Senate this November to reform filibuster, while maintaining their majority in the US House of Representatives and control of the White House , the fight for personal freedoms, such as reproductive rights and voting rights, will continue to be back-breaking work, state by state. That’s where we are now. But we can change that this November if we ALL get out there and fight like crazy to cast our vote. meanwhile today broadcastwe have good news on at least some of those state-by-state battles.

Among the many stories covered today…

  • new evidence of the unapologetic corruption of Donald Trump’s disgraced former Interior Department secretary ryan zinkwho, unbelievably, is currently the leading candidate to win a new seat in the US House of Representatives. Mountain. Montana voters would do well to reconsider that idea.
  • new evidence of the unspeakable ignorance of the former NFL great herschel walkerwho is now the embarrassing Trump-endorsed candidate for the US Senate. Georgiawhere he is running against the Democratic senator. Raphael Warnock. Despite lying about his past and offering stupid and barely understandable comments on the campaign trail, not to mention his latest ridiculous response to the Democrats’ landmark new climate bill, which spent $370 billion to tackle our climate crisis, Walker remains being very on the list. running to overthrow Warnock. Voters in Georgia would do well to reconsider that idea.
  • New abortion bans went into effect in three more states on Thursday, in Idaho, Tennessee Y Texas. That brings the number of states where reproductive rights and personal freedoms are now completely prohibited or severely restricted to 14. Many of those states do not allow exceptions for rape, incest, or even the life or health of the mother. As the president of the Center for Reproductive Rights told HuffPost, “wide swaths of the nation, especially in the South and Midwest, are now abortion deserts from which, for many, it will be impossible to escape.” There was a a little good news on this front Wednesday in federal court, however, regarding Idaho’s draconian restrictions, challenged by the Biden Administration’s Department of Justice. voters in everybody Some of these states will need to show up in record numbers to make their voices heard in November.
  • There was also good news on this front following this week’s elections in New York Y Floridaeven beyond the political earthquake of Democratic candidate Pat RyanThe victory of in a special election for the US House of Representatives in a New York swing district that would almost certainly have been won by the Republican candidate before the corrupt Republican majority of the US Supreme Court . Roe vs. Wade earlier this summer. In Florida, the only Democrat in the state House to vote for new abortion restrictions and for the Republicans’ “Don’t Say Gay” law was expelled from his job on Tuesday. In addition, a judge in Florida’s Hillsborough County, who made a name for himself earlier this year by denying a 17-year-old girl an abortion because she didn’t think her grades were high enough, was also fired from his job. Good job Florida voters! More like this on November 8, please!
  • And then there is the state-by-state fight for voting rights. Here, we have some encouraging news from the court in recent days. Earlier this month, a federal court in Texas rejected a state voter suppression law That would leave those who don’t live permanently in the state (for example, those who can attend school there) unable to register to vote in that state or their own home state! “Part-time, off-campus college students are undeniably disenfranchised because they cannot register to vote both in the place they have moved to and the place they have moved from,” the District Court judge wrote. from the U.S. when you issue your summary judgment [PDF] in favor of the plaintiffs. “The court is also unable to discern where college students should register under the temporary relocation provision.” [of Senate Bill 1111] it’s written. And the possible repercussions are not only total disenfranchisement, but also criminal liability. The Temporary Relocation Provision does not withstand any degree of constitutional scrutiny,” he concluded in dismissing the provision. Naturally, the criminally charged state Attorney General Ken Paxton is appealing the matter to the right-wing US Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit.
  • Late last week, there was good news for voters in North Carolinalike the state Supreme Court ruled that two state constitutional amendments, one to impose photo ID restrictions on voters and the other to cut taxes, were illegally adopted by a racially rigged state legislature. A federal court ruled that some 28 seats in the Republican-majority General Assembly had been illegal racial gerrymandering. But, after that finding and before a new election to correct the gerrymanders, the state Assembly scrambled to vote to put the Amendments on the state ballot. Without the illegal gerrymanders, they probably wouldn’t have had enough votes to do it. North Carolina’s superior court ruled last week, as Summarized WRAL, “lawmakers who won their seats through unconstitutional racial gerrymandering cannot then introduce constitutional amendments that would permanently disadvantage the very groups discriminated against in the process of racial gerrymandering.” The state’s Republican House Speaker promises to appeal to SCOTUS.
  • And, also at the end of last week, a federal judge ruled that Arkansas violated the Voting Rights Act by restricting the number of people who could receive voting assistance, such as help translating a ballot into English, by any one person. State law said no one person could help more than six voters. The court found that arbitrary and in violation of federal law. “Arkansas has determined that voters should only get the assistant of their choice up to a certain point,” the judge wrote in his ruling, “but there is no evidence that Congress contemplated this numerical restriction to the right.” A similar lawsuit has been filed in Missouriwhere state Republicans have limited the number of voters who can be helped by any one person to… one!
  • Finally, before reaching from today green news report with Desi Doyen, in which a compelling reason is offered for Virginia voters will vote for his rejection of climate change from the GOP to congressman good bob — some breaking news from Californiawhere regulators have completed a requirement that will allow only new zero emission vehicles (eg fully electric vehicles) to be sold in the Golden State starting in 2035. Desi explains why this is very good news for both the state Y the world. Then close today’s program with our last GNRincluding disturbing news about the worst draft in Europe in at least 500 years; the surprising popularity of climate action among Americans; worrying news about fracking and children’s health; and oil giant Saudi ArabiaThe plan to enter the emerging market for electric vehicles…


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