Pamplin Media Group: Quilted collage is available to view in Prineville until hospice auction

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A quilted triptych collage, aptly named “Then and Now,” was created specifically to celebrate Crook County and the county seat of Prineville, and is available to view in St. Charles Prineville.

As the annual St. Charles Hospice auction approaches, locals have a chance to view some of the quality artwork that will be featured at the event.

One of the items to be featured includes a quilted triptych collage, aptly named “Then and Now,” which was created specifically to celebrate Crook County and the county seat of Prineville. The artwork is designed and sewn by textile artist Tess (Montero) Tappert, and quilted by Yvette (Tappert) Thomas of Crooked River Quilting. Both women are from Prineville.

“It’s actually a collage quilt, and it’s all pieced together, and it’s little pieces. After it’s all put together, it’s quilted,” said David Tappert, husband of Tess Tappert.

The quilt celebrates the county’s rich history, as well as its people and their lives, then and now.

“Although one cannot capture their entire history in a single piece of art, perhaps, if asked, we will see a series,” he added.

“Between each of the 20″ x 40″ panels, they feature over 200 different fabrics, threads, and quilt patterns to recreate historical scenes from across our beautiful county. One glance won’t be enough to find everything this work maestra has to offer your eyes. You will find it honors our great history as well as those who protect and serve it today. From the historic cattle drives to the railroad, our rodeo, Warpaint, farmers, businesses, the county fair , the people of the county, and the list goes on. Just let your eyes marvel at the rich colors of this masterpiece and enjoy,” Tess said of the quilt’s significance.

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Some of the companies and places one will find quilting include Tastee Treet, Crooked River Quilting, Post General Store, Oregon Mint Growers, Slater Chiropractic, The Crooked River Roundup, Club Pioneer, Quilt Shack, Prineville Men’s Wear, Pine Theatre, Les Schwab, Prineville City Railroad, Smaf Construction, Meadow Lakes Golf Course, Parr Lumber, Woodward Companies, Prineville-Crook County Chamber of Commerce, Crook County Library, Bowman Museum, St. Charles Prineville, Palace of Crook County Justice, Prineville Police Department and Crook County Sheriff’s Office and Sunrise Pool and Spa. There are also many well-known people in quilting who have been instrumental in getting Tess into quilting six years ago. She has always enjoyed arts and crafts and decided that she would do something related to county history for the hospice auction. The quilt hung at Slater Chiropractic for a period of time and is now on display in St. Charles Prineville until the December 3 auction. Over 1,300 hours and nearly two years of work and love went into the comforter. Tess also made a similar quilt for the 100th anniversary of the Seaside Promenade from 1921 to 2021.

“Seeing this piece of art in a photograph simply doesn’t do it justice. There’s a lot going on, one has to see it in person multiple times to begin to get a feel for how our county celebrates. The people and how they all work and come together is what inspired this masterpiece,” concluded David.