Parks and Recreation Board wants more public comment on 8th Ward’s Reid park proposals

Members of the city’s Parks and Recreation Board did not close the door on a Council member’s proposal that would remove restrictions on park hours.

Councilman Devon Reid (8th) speaks with the Parks and Recreation Board. Credit: Bob Seidenberg

But the Board, at its August 18 meeting, strongly urged Eighth Ward’s Devon Reid to do more outreach and gauge more community support for that proposal, as well as another on standards related to public nudity, before changing the rules. longstanding policies.

Opening the discussion, Robert Bush, president of the Parks and Recreation Board, noted that system officials currently use “it works very well…”

Though Reid replied, “Depends who you ask.”

Bush continued, asking the Council member, “As we sit here today, has there been a single town hall meeting, a single effort to engage people who live near and around the parks to get their ideas about whether this is a good idea?

“Don’t you think it would be a good idea to have some community meetings in places other than the Eighth Ward to see what the temperature is of the people who live in and around the parks?” Adding later that he would give Reid “a better intelligence on how to come up with an ordinance that he thinks he could pass.”

Reid said his proposal has been brought up at multiple district meetings and there have been five discussions in total, including that evening’s Parks and Recreation Board meeting.

“Had he gone to all the parks in Evanston and knocked on the doors of all 500 residents of that park?” he said. “No, that is not feasible. But what I’ve done is make myself very available for people to share their concerns and their feedback.”