Paul Pogba extortion case takes a strange turn with claims from older brother Mathias

A police investigation into claims that French midfielder Paul Pogba was targeted by extortionists took a bizarre new turn on Friday with his older brother Mathias releasing a lengthy series of videos targeting the 2018 World Cup winner, his entourage and rich lifestyle.

More than 30 videos of Mathias Pogba reading a multi-page statement were posted on Twitter.

It is unclear when the videos were filmed. Mathias Pogba was charged in connection with an alleged organized armed extortion attempt against his brother, who plays for Juventus, after he turned himself in for police questioning last week. Since then he has been in custody.

His attorney did not immediately respond to questions from the Associated Press.

“If you are watching this video it will be because my brother Paul Pogba has found a way to silence me,” said Mathias Pogba. “I record this video so that no matter what happens, everything will be revealed.”

The words “insurance video, kept in a safe place” were written on top of many of the videos. They followed earlier posts on social media where Mathias Pogba had threatened to make explosive revelations about his brother.

Mathias Pogba and four others received preliminary charges last Saturday and were jailed in the extortion investigation, French prosecutors said.

In the latest series of recordings, Mathias Pogba accused his brother of abandoning members of his family, leaving them in poverty.

He also claimed that the midfielder was mixing with criminals and repeated claims that Paul Pogba hired a witch doctor. He did not provide any evidence to substantiate his accusations.

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According to Mathias Pogba’s latest claims, the witch doctor is close to former France international Alou Diarra, and Paul Pogba was introduced to him by former Paris Saint-Germain defender Serge Aurier.

He said that over the years, the France midfielder has spent millions on the witch doctor’s services, asking him, for example, to help France win the 2018 World Cup or cast a spell on rival footballers.

Mathias Pogba had previously said that his brother had targeted Kylian Mbappe without being more specific. In his latest videos, he claimed that Paul Pogba asked the witcher to “neutralize” Mbappe for the second leg of a Champions League match between PSG and Manchester United in 2019. United had won that game 3- 1 to advance to the quarterfinals. .

The videos were also accompanied by a series of Twitter posts and a statement addressed to Paul Pogba. The first post in the long thread said it was automatically sent by “my bot”.

“That also means that I am no longer free,” the message read.

Mathias Pogba said his life is now in danger because his brother has “betrayed his minions”, who are targeting his entourage in retaliation. Mathias Pogba said that some of his relatives “have already been attacked and shot” because of his brother.

The Paris prosecutor’s office opened an investigation last month into allegations that Paul Pogba was the subject of an extortion plot by his brother and childhood friends who demanded 13 million euros from him. Mathias Pogba has denied involvement in the scheme.

Mathias Pogba, 32, is a free agent after leaving French fourth-tier Belfort in April. He has also enjoyed spells at various other clubs in Europe.

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