Paulina Porizkova and Christie Brinkley Celebrate Aging in Brilliant New Photos

  • Christie Brinkley and Paulina Porizkova have joined forces to bring their pro-aging energy to the Aspen Ideas Festival.

  • Sharing photos from the event, Porizkova thanked Brinkley for “making aging look fun.”

  • Both former supermodels are paving the way to a more joyful and accepting aging experience for the women of the future.

We know Christie Brinkley Y paulina porizkova be be pro-aging icons in their own right. Put them together in the same room and they will become unstoppable. The couple recently attended the Aspen Ideas Festival, where they led a panel discussion on aging and had an inspiring conversation about how aging is changing, in a good way.

On Instagram, both supermodels shared photos of their time together alongside the Canadian model. Yasmin Warsame, 46, who also participated in the panel. Her subtitles reflected the empowering experience. “Long live the brotherhood. Thank you Christie for making growing old seem fun and being an eternal ray of sunshine, Yasmin for your vulnerability and strength to talk about starting over and reinventing yourself”, Porizkova wrote. “United, we cannot be ignored 😁”.

Brinkley, 68, shared more photos from the festival. “Thank you to the @aspenideas Festival for giving us old ladies 😜 a chance to remind women that growing old in America isn’t what it used to be, but it’s still not where it needs to be!” she wrote. “We offered some suggestions that we hope will help remove the fear of aging and emphasize the advantages our generation has enjoyed. Thanks in large part to innovation and information, we can access what makes us feel great!”

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Neither Porizkova nor Brinkley are among those who remain silent when confronted with the stigma of aging in their own personal lives. For example, in an Instagram from February, Brinkley called ageism in the media and Hollywood. “The subtle and constant categorization of women by age, making us feel like we are approaching an exponential expiration date, corrodes one’s confidence,” she wrote. Even the expression ‘grow old gracefully’ It shouldn’t be about one’s appearance, but about the attitude and energy one offers to the world.”

Porizkova constantly talks about hugging herself at 57, whether it’s defending her decision to wear a bikini even though trolls call her too “old and ugly” or strike up an important conversation about how language matters about aging. In an Instagram from April, the new author explained how the word “still” perpetuates ageism.

“CAN WE PLEASE REMOVE THE ‘YET’!? A ‘yet’ is like a ‘but’. One ruins a compliment, the other ruins an apology,” she wrote. “You only use the word ‘yet’ when referring to something you think this person has lost. You can still run. You can still play the piano. Never ‘You can still read. You’re still smart.’”

She continued, “The next time you’re tempted to insert a ‘yet’, take a moment and don’t.”

With their determination and fierceness, Porizkova and Brinkley have inspired the masses to unlearn what they know about aging and instead simply embrace life. And that’s exactly why we love them.

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