Pet Renting Survey Reveals Scope of Damage Costs for Owners

The results of a recent online survey have shown that pet damage is extremely common in properties where owners rent to tenants with pets, and the costs are difficult to recover. With the demand for pet-friendly homes continuing to rise, the UK government must now understand the costs involved for owners and implement rules that support the sector.

Pet Renting Survey Reveals Scope of Damage Costs for Owners Renting with pets survey

The survey and research was carried out as a joint project between rental industry trade bodies Propertymark and the National Residential Landlords Association (NRLA) in conjunction with landlord website LandlordZone and pet charity AdvoCATS with based in the East Midlands.

The organizations say the information presented clearly shows that the UK government has limited homeowner protection and therefore access to housing for those with pets and they are calling on Eddie Hughes, the Minister for Housing and Sleep on the Street, at the Department of Grading, Housing and Communities (DLUHC) to prioritize amendments to the 2019 Tenant Fee Act to make renting with pets easier for landlords, renters and leasing agents.

Tenant Fee Law

Add to List of Allowed Payments

Heads for tails! The report and campaign of the same name seek an addition to the List of Permitted Payments under the Tenant Fees Act, to give the landlord the option of requesting a financially capped pet deposit or stipulate that any tenant who wishes to have a pet or pets, and is currently endorsed by over 40 organizations and over 40 MPs and peers:

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The white paper A fairer private rented sector, recently published by the UK Government, has promised to give tenants “the right to request a pet in their property, which the owner must consider and cannot unreasonably refuse”.

The UK government has also confirmed that it will amend the Renters Fees Act so that landlords can require their tenants to purchase pet insurance. The campaign continues to ensure that these commitments are met in the resulting legislation and that pet insurance is designed to meet the needs of owners, agents, renters and pets.

The vast majority of owners and agents have experienced pet damage

85.3 percent of owners and agents have experienced damage to their property from pets. It is closely followed by 84.7% of damages suffered by adults and 54.9% of damages caused by children. While homeowners have suffered damage from pets, adults and children, the extent of the damage is primarily due to pets.

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