Petbook Wi-Fi Enabled Automatic Feeder Helps You Monitor Pets

When I’m away from my cat for a day or two, all I can think about is if he’s sticking to his routine, and he’s generally fine. It’s a nagging worry, and it’s fueled by the memory of returning from an overnight drive to find he’d eaten the entire mountain-sized serving of kibble he’d left on his dinner plate, crumbs and all. I’ve since enlisted the help of a trusted pet sitter, but even the best pet sitters (and friends and family) can’t keep an eye on your animal 24/7. In the past, when no one was available, I had no choice but to overfill my cat’s food bowl again and hope for the best. Well, that was until I got my hands on PetBook’s Granary Camera Monitoring Feeder with Wi-Fi.

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petbook understands the concerns that come with being a busy pet parent, including having to leave an animal home alone during the day, and strives to lighten the load. One of the brand’s newest products, the Granary Camera Monitoring Feeder has innovative features like a built-in camera that allows pet owners to care for and monitor their pets even from a distance.

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This is what happened when I took the Granary Camera Monitoring Feeder for a test drive during a recent overnight drive:

How Barn Camera Monitoring Feeder Works

When the Petbook Barn Camera Monitoring Feeder arrived at my door, I was able to set it up right out of the box. With a constant internet connection, it syncs with the PetBook Lite app, which I downloaded from the App Store for free. (If you’re using an Android device, it’s also available on Google Play.) The app’s interface was easy to use, walking me through a step-by-step process to pair the feeder with my phone via Bluetooth, which took all of three minutes.

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I followed the prompts to connect the feeder to Wi-Fi via a QR code (displayed on my phone via the app). It took a few tries to get the frequency right, but that’s something you might be used to if you’ve set up Wi-Fi-enabled products at home before. Once I managed to connect it to the internet, the feeder worked like a charm.

The writer’s cat tests the pet bowl.Danielle Calma

From the app I was able to schedule my cat’s meals for the weekend and select the size of her portions for each meal. You can program up to 50 meals a day and choose from multiple servings per meal. (Pro tip: Since you can schedule meals for any time of day, you can what’s more schedule your breakfast and avoid those angry howls of waking up at the crack of dawn when you’re home). The kibble is dispensed from a tank with a twist-lock closure that ensures each serving tastes fresh for your cat or dog.

Petbook specifies that the Barn Camera Monitoring Feeder it is best for kibble from 2 to 15 millimeters in size. And luckily, I didn’t have to get out a tape measure. On the lid, there is a label with a picture of the ideal kibble size, which allowed me to verify that my cat’s existing food would work with it. (Would!)

I set up the PetBook device to feed my cat two servings per meal, or the equivalent of the 1/4 cup amount her vet prescribed. Every time the feeder dispensed food, it would make a little buzzing noise which initially intimidated my cat, but once she saw that there was food involved, she immediately grabbed the feeder. The food is portioned into a stainless steel container that is thick, sturdy, and very easy to remove for a thorough cleaning.

The stainless steel container is removable and easy to clean.Danielle Calma

When I left for my overnight trip, the camera feature allowed me to keep a constant check on him while he was away. (No more bugging my pet sitter for video!) Offering a 145-degree view, the 1080p camera with night vision was clear, even in low light, and while the camera itself only offered a point of view, I could see my cat whenever he was in front of his bowl or sleeping in his usual spot on the couch.

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While I couldn’t keep an eye on my cat 24/7, the app took screenshots every time it detected movement, even when my cat went back to eating more kibble at 1am. Another amazing feature of the Barn Camera Monitoring Feeder is that it also allows you to communicate with your pet. When I tried the two-way audio, it seemed to work very well: my cat recognized my voice immediately. He can also record a 10-second voice message to alert your pet that a meal has been served. The feeder can be conveniently plugged into a wall outlet and comes with a battery backup slot so your pet stays powered even if there is a power outage.

The verdict

the Barn Camera Monitoring Feeder It may not be the cheapest robotic feeder on the market, but if you have a busy cat who travels a lot, works late at night, or has a thriving social schedule that requires a regular pet sitter, it’s could It will really save you money in the long run. Plus, the other clever features, particularly the camera, make it a worthwhile investment for those who want to virtually close the distance between themselves and their beloved furball.

However, if you’re not interested in a camera or Wi-Fi-enabled functionality, or have multiple pets you’d like to feed, scroll on to see more PetBook feeders and water fountains, all designed to keep pet parents busy. happy and comfortable pets and pets.

An Inexpensive Tubeless Automatic Pet Feeder:

For a cheaper option, consider this smaller automatic petbook feeder, which comes at a fraction of the price. It covers the basics and can be programmed using easy to use buttons on the feeder. It can dispense up to four meals per day and up to nine servings per meal, all of which are delivered from a sealed tank with desiccant bags and in a dishwasher safe stainless steel container.

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An automatic feeder for multi-pet households:

Pet owners who are responsible for more than one hairball will appreciate Petbook double tray feeder. It does not present one, but two stainless steel bowls. While it doesn’t have Wi-Fi support, it still gives you a lot of control over your pet’s feeding schedule, and you can even set it to portion different amounts of food into each bowl. Schedule up to 50 meals per day and multiple serving sizes for each serving. The feeder can be filled with up to 5 liters of kibble, and with the rotating and replaceable lid desiccant bagsfood stays fresh longer.

A filtered water fountain with a large reservoir:

Petbook Cloud Water Fountain ensures your cat stays well hydrated, even when you’re away. It features a 2.2 liter reservoir, which means you can go a long way between refills. In addition, the water in the tank is kept fresh thanks to the system of five filters. The font is available to buy alone or as a pack of four or eight replacement water filters.