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CLARKSVILLE, TN – Dogs and cats of all ages, breeds and sizes are available through area animal shelters and rescues, as well as opportunities to help homeless animals through foster programs, donations and help with fundraisers and other family activities. Contact a rescue near you for more information.

Montgomery County Animal Care and Control

avery She is a medium sized adult female Collie mix. She is vaccinated, spayed and would love to have a garden to run and play in. She can go home the same day! For further details, MCACC will be happy to answer your questions.

penelope is a beautiful medium-haired female domestic shorthair cat. She is fully screened and will be sterilized before she goes home. Find them both at the Montgomery County Animal Care and Control Center, 616 N. Spring St., 931-648-5750,

Finders Keepers Cat Rescue

lucky luke he is a handsome older domestic short-haired male. He is fully vetted, litter trained and neutered. He has a bit special needs as he has been diagnosed with a grade 3/6 heart murmur and has had some tooth extractions so he is only on a soft food diet. He is good with cats, dogs and children and would love his forever home. All adoption fees have been reduced for the next two weeks to help get these babies into their new homes. He can be found through Finders Keepers Cat Rescue, send them a message on FB or Or send an email to [email protected]

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Stewart County Cat Adoption Team (CATS)

Werewolf is a 9 month old domestic shorthair male kitten with a beautiful silky black coat. He has been fully screened, dewormed, flea and tick preventative, neutered and litter trained. He has grown up surrounded by cats, dogs and chickens. Wolfman’s adoption fee has been reduced and can be found through the Cat Adoption Team (CATS) Contact Susan @ 931-305-8212 text or leave a message or message through her page Facebook:

Faithful Friends of Stewart County Animal Rescue

Continue he is a young male pit bull terrier mix. Now let’s get real here for a second, as we know many people looking for available pets here have probably seen this adorable little boy here for a while. There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with Drako that a strong alpha pack leader/active family can’t handle. He just needs limits as he is still a very energetic young pup. He will benefit from someone who sets limits and takes this boy out on adventures. Hiking, Biking, trips to swim in the river or lakes and a large patio. Everyone knows that a tired dog is a very happy dog. In exchange for keeping this guy busy, you will be rewarded tenfold with the most loyal love pup. He is neutered, fully examined and house trained. Drako needs to be the only dog ​​in the home and a cat-free home is a must. Come meet Drako through Faithful Friends Animal Rescue of Stewart County, 931-627-1459,

Companion Pet Rescue in Central Tennessee

Jupiter she is the sweetest girl. She is a Pit Bull Terrier mix and needs a loving and understanding family that is committed to continuing her medical needs. She had skin problems and it has been rough on her coat. She is Heartworm positive and that is being covered by the ransom. This sweet soul has been treated for her skin problems, has been fully examined, sterilized and has had several eye surgeries to correct problems. Jupiter has allergies, so she gets allergy shots, special RX foods, and regular vet visits. She does well with some dogs and children, but she would love to be your only one. She’s come so far, let’s not let her down now! Jupiter can be reached through Companion Pet Rescue of Middle Tennessee, 615-260-8473, or

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Two Ladies Care Dog Rescue

Miles is a 7 month old male Australian Cattle Dog/Blue Heeler mix, smart, fun and athletic. He is up to date on shots, microchipped, neutered and housebroken. He’s good with other dogs, he’s not sure about cats, but he remembers that he’s a herding breed, so if anything, he’ll at least be curious about them. Miles would love to have a garden to play in and would do well in Agility, Barn Hunts, swimming, hiking, and any outdoor activity. For more details and information, you can find him through Two Ladies Caring Dog Rescue, 931-217-1587,

Sagley Bully Biker Farm

sagley He’s an older guy who loves to play and the next moment, be the best couch potato friend! He is fully vetted, neutered, loves to walk him and is house trained! Good with dogs with proper introductions. He can do well in an apartment or in a house. He is a great boy who is only looking for his family forever. To meet Sagley, contact Lisa at Sagley’s Biker Bully Farm, (785) 207-5641 or

Puurrrfect Paws Rescue & Cat Cafe

Motto he is simply the prettiest domestic shorthair kitten. She is very quiet at first until she gets comfortable in her surroundings. She would love to have another kitty to play and learn with. She at night she calms down and snuggles with you. She fully vetted, spayed and litter trained. PPR&C also has a wonderful Cat Cafe in town. To schedule a meet and greet and to learn more about it, go to or send them a message through their FB page, Puurrrfect Paws Rescue & Cafe.

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Hot Rod’s Garage Senior Sanctuary

Co-worker He is a senior chihuahua male. He is loving, loyal, protective, independent and very dignified! He is very discreet. Buddy was an unlucky victim of severe Louisiana flooding and was picked up by the rescue team to help find his new family. He is fully vetted, neutered and house trained. He is good with children, dogs and cats. He becomes protective of those around him, but he barely has any teeth left, so that makes him quite comical. He loves his people and just wants his own place to call home. Call 931-801-1907 or email [email protected]