PGA Announces First Women in Golf Scholarship Recipients – PGA of Australia

Hailing from regions as diverse as the Northern Territory, Orange in west-central New South Wales and Adelaide, six women each received a PGA Women in Golf scholarship. The scholarships will help these women continue their golf education and pursue a career in golf.

Launched in 2021, the goal of the PGA Women in Golf Scholarship Fund is to increase the number of female PGA professionals throughout the golf industry. The PGA owns and operates three educational divisions that collectively offer workforce development, tertiary education and performance training programs, providing a platform for PGA students to gain varied and valuable training.

PGA Australia CEO Gavin Kirkman said removing barriers to higher education will help more women enter golf careers.

“The PGA of Australia is determined to foster the next generation of PGA membership with a real focus on creating new professional PGA women,” said Kirkman.

“We congratulate Jade Longstaff, Sarka Seifertova, Acacia Curtis, Danae Royal, Aleisha Weidmann and Renee La Ferlita for being the inaugural recipients of the Women in Golf scholarships and look forward to seeing where a career in golf takes each of these women.

“A career in golf is for anyone, regardless of gender or background. If you have a passion for golf, we want to help you nurture that passion through a proven educational pathway model.

“The Women in Golf Scholarship Fund is not only about opening pathways for new female PGA professionals, but also about helping elevate our current members to leadership roles within golf. We are confident that these scholarships will accomplish exactly that.

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“We would like to thank our partners who came together to help make the Women in Golf Scholarship Fund a reality. Shared values ​​and a real commitment to increasing women’s participation in the golf industry made partnering with ISPS Handa, Acushnet, Callaway and TaylorMade to provide the Women in Golf Scholarship Fund an easy decision for everyone.” .

Renee La Ferlita (pictured) is an avid golfer who will now be able to take the Golf Management Diploma in person at the PGA Learning Center at Sandhurst in south-east Melbourne.

“I played a lot of golf when I was a junior, but little by little I moved away from the game and, as I got older, life got busy,” explained La Ferlita.

“During the pandemic I really started to think about life and what I wanted to do and what made me happy and it was very clear that golf was that.

“I would really love to become a coach and get more women and children involved in the game. I think golf builds character and teaches you a lot about life. It teaches you patience and how to manage your emotions.

“I have two beautiful nephews who I am trying to get into the game. It is very good to see the children play golf and I hope to be able to involve my nephews more, because there is something really special in golf”.

Danae Royal is another winner of the Women in Golf Scholarship. Danae, a mother of four, has been passionate about golf since she started playing as a junior and is well on her way to becoming a full vocational member of the PGA of Australia.

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“My dream is to become a coach and, as a woman working in the golf industry, to attract many more women to golf. Whether they want to be competitive or do it for fun or just love the social element,” Royal said.

“I was quite surprised and equally thrilled to be told that I had received the scholarship and am incredibly grateful to the PGA Australia for the opportunity.

“I am returning to the Pathway Membership Program after having my son. She is now three years old and I feel like now I have time to follow my dreams.

“I hope that as a woman working in a male-dominated industry, I can help open the door for other women and help them feel comfortable going into golf.”

The PGA Women in Golf Scholarship Fund has various funding opportunities available throughout the year and applications will open again in September.