Promoting a healthy diet to prevent 11 million deaths a year

About 3 billion people in the world cannot afford healthy food.

Five specialized agencies of the United Nations Organization (UN) launched a joint action plan that seeks to offer healthy and accessible diets from sustainable food systems, since unhealthy food “causes 11 million deaths” each year. And 420,000 more people die from consuming harmful foods.

World Health Organization (WHO), Children’s Fund (UNICEF), World Food Program (WFP), Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and Environment Program (UNEP) They will seek to “transform food systems with the intention of improving health, nutrition and environmental sustainability”.

Some 3 billion people cannot afford healthy eating You Poor diet is linked to six of the top ten risk factors for the global burden of disease, Explained to members of the Healthy Eating Action Coalition, made up of five multilateral agencies.

malnutrition constitutes a Violation of the human right to food. and it continues to generate social and health inequalities,” he said.

Some 3 billion people cannot afford healthy eating

You Poor diet is linked to six of the top ten risk factors for the global burden of disease.

“The alliance will help countries achieve their human health and environmental sustainability goals, thus achieving a true victory for people, climate and nature,” the WFP said.

The agencies recalled that Health, nutrition and environmental sustainability It should be “Fundamental pillars of the transformation of the food system” cast Healthy diet“Promoting health and preventing disease”But for its consumption to be widespread Necessary That Groceries are “available, accessible and attractive to all”,

In return, these foods should organically produced and distributedI know secure a good job You Protect the planet, soil, water and biodiversity.

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The coalition’s vision is to “mobilize and support collective action towards the goal of moving all people from sustainable food systems to a healthier diet.”

three pillars of the project

The action plan consists of three key points: gather and coordinate knowledge For systematic action on food systems that have a positive impact at the country level; facilitate learning between countries; You Management of special projects according to the priorities of each country, Integrating the areas of nutrition, health and sustainability through food.

expected expenses Achieve a collective impact on healthy eating produced by sustainable food systems, promote healthy living and well-being, reduce non-communicable diseases, improve maternal and child health, promote responsible consumption and production, and combat climate change They must take immediate action.

The coalition was formed after the United Nations Summit on Food Systems, held in 2021, and brings together member states, UN agencies, civil society organizations, educational institutions and social movements.