Raja Krishnamoorthi Endorses Four AAPI Candidates for Illinois State House

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Endorsements include Indian American Nabeela Syed, who is running to be the first South Asian woman in the state legislature.

Indian-American Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi has announced his support for four key Asian-American candidates, including American Indian Nabeela Syed for the Illinois State House.

If elected, community organizer Syed, who works for a digital strategy nonprofit that supports a variety of its civic engagement efforts, will be the first South Asian woman in the state legislature.

In addition to Syed for Illinois’ 51st District, Krishnamoorthi announced the endorsements of Kevin Olickal for District 16, Janet Yang Rohr for District 41 and Sharon Chung for District 91.

“As a member of the Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus (CAPAC) in the US Congress who will bring their tremendous talents to the Illinois General Assembly,” he said.

“I am excited to offer my strong support for Nabeela Syed to represent the 51st District of Illinois,” said Krishnamoorthi.

“As a Palatine native, Nabeela is a skilled organizer who has dedicated her professional career to advancing numerous causes to improve the economic and social well-being of our local communities, whether it’s protecting women’s right to choose, strengthening Asian-American representation and civic engagement, or ensuring that small businesses can grow and prosper. One thing is very clear: we need Nabeela!”

“There are few elected leaders in Illinois who have shown the passion and dedication for the communities they represent like Congressman Krishnamoorthi,” said Nabeela Syed.

“For me, receiving Congressman Krishnamoorthi’s endorsement is a testament to how hard our campaign has worked,” he said.

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“Knowing that I have the support of a congressional champion on issues like creating green jobs, keeping our commitments to veterans, and standing up for working families is truly humbling.

“I look forward to championing these issues and many others in Springfield to benefit our mutual constituents and all Illinoisans. I am incredibly grateful to have Congressman Krishnamoorthi’s support behind our campaign.”

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kevin olickal

“I am proud to wholeheartedly endorse Kevin Olickal to represent Illinois District 16,” added Krishnamoorthi. “As a lifelong Skokie resident, Kevin has shown an unmatched commitment to improving conditions for working families, whether it’s helping small businesses and nonprofits secure Covid-19 relief, fighting for the workers’ right to organize or advocate to ensure all residents have access to affordable health care. Kevin has my full support.”

“I am honored to have the endorsement of Congressman Krishnamoorthi, the first South Asian American elected to Congress in Illinois,” said Kevin Olickal.

“At a time when ethical representation, transparency and integrity are most needed in government, I am proud to have the support of a leader on these issues and a champion for working families.”

Janet Yang Rohr |

“I am very pleased to announce my strong support for the re-election of Representative Janet Yang Rohr to serve the voters of Illinois’ 41st District,” said Krishnamoorthi.

“In her experience as a business leader and in Springfield, Rep. Yang Rohr has led efforts to lower taxes for working families, protect women’s reproductive rights, and reduce burdensome fees for small businesses. She is the right choice to lead Naperville and the surrounding area into an even more prosperous future.”

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“I am honored to have Congressman Krishnamoorthi’s endorsement for my re-election as state representative,” Rohr said.

“The congressman has delivered time and time again for Illinois’ working families, and I look forward to working with him to further our collective efforts in Congress and the General Assembly, ensuring that all Illinoisans have every opportunity to prosper.” .

Sharon Chun

“I am very proud to endorse Sharon Chung to represent the 91st District of Illinois, which covers central Illinois and my hometown of Peoria,” he said.

“Sharon has served on the McLean County Board for several years, where she has fought for fiscal responsibility and workforce development, among other issues. As a mother and a classical musician, Sharon will advocate for strong public education funding that will empower our youth to excel academically, socially, and economically.”

“Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi serves the people of Illinois in Congress with determination, passion and humility,” said Sharon Chung. “I plan to emulate the example he sets in the Illinois General Assembly, and I am honored to have his endorsement!”