Rantz: Bellevue High School teaches critical race theory with the intention of creating activists

know about Rantz: Bellevue High School teaches critical race theory with the intention of creating activists

Proponents of Critical Race Theory often claim that the racist worldview is not taught in schools. They say it’s a graduate course that never makes it to the classroom. These are false claims.

Leftist educators often frame material through a CRT lens, precisely the complaint of many parents, politicians, and commentators. This framework allows educators to indoctrinate students by reinforcing the claim that this country was founded on white supremacy and installed systems of oppression that students must dismantle.

In the Bellevue School District, they also teach directly on the CRT. The controversy surrounding the racist theory may explain why the district spokesperson refuses to provide meaningful answers to questions about the curriculum.

Rantz: District tells staff to espouse critical race theory, but denies they teach it

Critical Race Theory at Bellevue

Five schools in the Bellevue School District teach “Race in the United States” as an elective. The class curriculum is the same in all schools.

According to the Course Description, these classes teach students “issues of the social construction of race, movements as catalysts for change, cultural inclusion, institutionalized racism, and equity and social justice politics.” The classes are intended to give students the tools to discuss left-wing views on race and use the progressive world view to be leaders in the community.

The mother of a Bellevue High School student shared with the Jason Rantz Show on KTTH an assignment she says teacher Lukas Michener assigned to her class. It is the introduction to book “Critical Race Theory (Third Edition): An Introduction”.

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Unlike some academic disciplines, critical race theory contains an activist dimension. It not only tries to understand our social situation, but to change it; it sets out not only to determine how society organizes itself along racial lines and hierarchies, but also to transform it for the better,” the book states.

The Bellevue School District will not provide details behind the lesson.

Since CRT aims to “transform” society, the question arises: why does Michener teach this discipline?

If the goal is to inform high school students about a controversial topic that frequently appears in the news, most of us will find it reasonable, as long as the content is neutral. But if it is intended to give students tools to “transform” society using CRT principles, it is worrying. Using one’s power over a captive audience to create leftist activists is immoral.

Bellevue School District spokeswoman Janine Thorn declined to provide meaningful answers to questions about classroom instruction or the intent of the curriculum beyond pointing to the course description three times. This seems to mean that students are supposed to use the CRT principles, which call for you to “transform” society, and take “leadership in the community.” In other words: the intention is to produce political activists. Thorn said that she’s not implying that’s the intent and she pointed me to the course description.

Michener did not respond to email requests for comment and instead forwarded my email to district administrators. He is very outspoken about social justice issues elsewhere and that indicates he can use the classroom to further his left-wing political agenda.

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Rantz: School District Says Your Baby Is Racist – Your CRT Propaganda Will Fix It

The teacher is an activist for social justice.

Michener does not hide his political worldview or his goals as a teacher.

A 2020 National Education Association co-nominee for Social Justice Activists of the Year, Michener it says teachers are not “neutral actors” when it comes to social justice.

“The idea that we are neutral actors is false. We are not. We have a lot of power. We meet with young people every day and we want to make sure there is a fair and equitable educational experience for all of them,” he wrote in a test for the NAE.

“We try to make black students fit into a white system. More than 80 percent of teachers today are white. And that doesn’t reflect the young people in our classrooms at all,” he continued.

Michener is not talking about the Bellevue School District. black students bill for only 3.4% of the student population. Perhaps that is why he is unwilling to relinquish his power, privilege, and teaching position despite demands to do a better job hiring “educators of color.” He make represent the student population.

The teacher is an ‘activist educator’

Teachers trying to produce student activists abuse their power, which makes sense of parents being upset. Most Americans do not see the country as institutionally or systematically racist. They certainly don’t want a teacher training students to be activists. But it seems to be what is happening in Bellevue.

Michener said the students inspired him to become what the NEA calls an “activist educator.”

“Exposing and dealing with the problems that we face as a historically racist system is absolutely critical to serving these children,” he said. saying.

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He is so committed to his activism as an educator that Michener and co-worker Terry Jess created a web series to explain how white educators can become anti-racist evangelists. Michener instructs teachers to “think about this in their daily practices, mainly with students”.

“These videos are designed to help white educators who want to get more involved in racial justice activism in public schools,” Jess wrote.

The Bellevue school district is pushing its kids into activism

The district doesn’t seem concerned about what appears to be transparent activism in the classroom.

Shouldn’t it be cause for concern to turn the classroom into an extension of the Democratic Party? Many CRT evangelists probably encourage this; they support the worldview, so it can be justified. But if educators used a pro-life point of view to teach children how to ban abortion, would the district and parents remain silent? Of course not. There would be widespread condemnation and they would be right to be upset.

Simply agreeing with political activism in a classroom does not justify activism. There are ways to discuss race in the US without taking a stand, even on the CRT issue. You can respectfully introduce the concept while explaining why it has such harsh criticism.

But teachers like Michener don’t seem interested in an objective and unbiased discussion. After all, he says, “The idea that we are neutral actors is false.” I think we should take him at his word.

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