Recognition of inequality on Women’s Equality Day

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This year’s Women’s Equality Day brands the 102nd anniversary of the signing of the 19th Amendment into law in 1920, which gave women the right to vote. On a change from a typical public holiday, the League of Women Voters of Tompkins County they will not rejoice this Friday, August 26. Instead, the organization is focusing on the ways they feel women have lost basic rights in recent years.

“In 2022, women have fewer rights than they have in decades,” LWV wrote in an official statement. statement. “This year we are recognizing Women’s Inequality Day, coming together to demand that lawmakers restore and protect our rights.”

LWV is a national, nonpartisan organization committed to defending democracy and empowering voters by informing them about local, state, and national elections and public policy issues of concern to voters. The Tompkins County branch is one of the oldest, founded in 1920.