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We all live and work in a country governed by the laws and the Constitution of the United States. Access to safe and legal abortion has been a fundamental and constitutional right in this country for more than 50 years, giving us the freedom to control our own bodies and the privacy to make our own health care decisions. The recently published draft opinion of the US Supreme Court has sounded the alarm that this right will likely be removed from federal protection. That reversal of 50 years of law is a threat to reproductive health, individual liberty, and one of our most basic rights to privacy. UFCW 3000 is committed to fighting to protect our reproductive rights and for reproductive justice.

To provide insight into some of the various reasons why these rights are so important, and why the repeal of 50 years of law is so concerning, we wanted to share these eight statements from a diverse group of UFCW 3000 members.

How can my patients lose a right that we have had for 50 years?

“I’ve been working in health care for 39 years, most of that time in maternity and newborn care at Tacoma General Hospital. During that time and long before, women have had the right under federal law to make decisions about our own bodies, our health, our reproductive rights and whether or not we are pregnant. That has been the law for 50 years. Now it looks like these rights are going to be taken away by those who want to roll back to our nation. “Our country must move forward, not backward. We should give all women more access to health care, not add restrictions that harm women, especially women who may have lower incomes or women of color. That’s how we best protect new born children.” -Patricia Brown, LPN, MultiCare*

we are all at risk

“I have raised my daughters to understand that they are in control of their own bodies. They are responsible for their actions. That is one way to stay safe, and all moms want their kids to be safe. As a mom, I don’t want the Supreme Court or Congress, most of whom are men, telling our daughters that they cannot make decisions for their own health, their future. This is 100% a woman’s right and should be done by women. If that right can be taken away “That’s not just a problem today for our reproductive rights, but it’s also a slippery slope for tomorrow and could lead to other rights being taken away from us. As a gay woman, I’m afraid this kind of thing could easily lead to taking away other rights we’ve earned like marriage equality.” – Amy Dayley Angell, Front Checker, QFC*

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We need to protect our privacy.

“Our right to privacy must be protected. It is one of the most important rights we have in the United States. I have read the entire 98-page draft opinion of the Supreme Court that was reported in the press and I feel that it is actually it’s about much more than a woman’s right to choose whether to have an abortion If the government can invade our privacy so much that it can tell a woman what she can and cannot do with her own body in something as private as her own health, her health where does it stop? So we’re all vulnerable to having our privacy taken away by elected officials who feel different from us. So what’s next? Freedom of speech? Freedom to vote? Freedom to be part of a union? Freedom of religion? That’s not what our country is about. Our freedoms shouldn’t be taken away. But make no mistake, that’s exactly what’s happening here and that’s wrong.” – Shannon Corrick, Record Keeping, Safeway*

unfair and not right

“I am so angry that we as a country can roll back women’s rights to access reproductive health care and control of our bodies. These rights are the foundation for establishing a life and living with the freedom to control your future. I believe health care is a human right, and it’s private, it’s between a person and their doctor. It’s hard because, as workers, we want to do what’s right for our patients, but changes in the law could tie our hands. I am concerned that some states like Kentucky have passed heartbeat legislation that requires ultrasound technicians, like myself, to have women listen to their heartbeat before making any reproductive health decisions That’s unfair and just not right – it puts healthcare workers in a position to shame and blame patients – instead of treating our patients with the re respect and privacy they deserve in very emotional moments. – Bryana Kolppa, sonographer, Kaiser Permanente *

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It’s about our future

“This is not just a question of reproductive rights. This is a question of whether women will have a say in their own health, our own financial future. One of the biggest causes of poverty for women in our country is having a child as a mother.” single.” If that’s something a person decides to do, that’s fine. But our government shouldn’t force a person to become poor just because she gets pregnant. We need to invest in family planning, we need to invest in access to healthcare.” If the Supreme Court decides to take away one of the most basic rights that women have had for 50 years, we must go back and pass a new law to establish these protections for all women in our country. It’s not correct that just because of your income or the zip code you live in, you have different rights than someone else.” – Liisa Luick, Sales Associate, Macy’s*

This should concern everyone

“It makes me angry. We are in the 21st century in America. How can you tell half the population that they can’t control their own body? How can you tell a bunch of old white men, that in their majority make up the US Senate has confirmed these Supreme Court Justices: How can they choose what a woman does with her body when so many men can’t seem to control theirs? Let’s be honest with each other. If only men were more responsible with their bodies, most unwanted pregnancies wouldn’t happen in the first place. This right shouldn’t be determined by what state a woman lives in. When I was younger, I went to Planned Parenthood to get birth control because that’s what I could afford. Next they’re going to want to take away my right to contraception, we need more education, more access and more care, not less, and if they can take away this right after 50 years, as a naturalized citizen, I’m afraid that my right to vote may be next. This should concern everyone who appreciates our democracy.” – Kyong Barry, Front Desk Supervisor, Albertsons

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My body. My choice.

“Forcing our health system to go backwards in respecting our rights as women is unacceptable. The simple statement of “My body, my choice.” It should be reason enough to stop allowing our government to control our bodies and life choices. Birth control is never 100% effective. And there are reasons why we have advanced our health care system to include safe abortion options: Not all pregnancies are viable or safe to carry to term, some are the result of rape, some can turn a family into financially unstable. We have the right to consider and act on all those complicating factors on our own, without input from the government. We have the right to choose our own future, no one else can decide that for us. We need to unite and fight for our rights. Hopefully this will be the last time we have to state the obvious: “My body. My choice!”. – Michaela Roberts, Respiratory Therapist, Providence*

Planned Parenthood workers are members of the UFCW 3000

“Navigating the for-profit health care system as a Planned Parenthood clinic worker has been difficult enough. An annulment of Roe v. Wade would make our patients suffer with longer wait times, fewer resources, and higher travel costs. It’s time for the labor movement to stand up and join with women’s rights organizations and others and say enough is enough. We need to lay the groundwork to push back these attacks on our basic rights. They are being taken away before our very eyes: voting rights, women’s rights, civil rights. It goes on and on. Roe v. Wade was won in the first place because people stood up and, led by women, demanded a change in laws that endangered us and threatened our health, threatened our freedom, and threatened our economic future. Only a fighting approach can save our rights to protect women’s equitable and affordable access to health care and abortion on demand, without apology.” – Natalie Snitzer, Planned Parenthood of the Greater Northwest, Hawaii, Alaska, Indiana, Kentucky*

*Disclaimer: These statements are from the union member named and do not represent the companies they work for. The name of the employer is included only to show where the union member works.