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Wow, Robert Irwin is a hottie!

The 18-year-old son of the late crocodile hunter Steve Irwin and wildlife warrior Terri Irwin graced the cover of Stellar Magazine for his first fashion shoot, and fans are going crazy for the sexy photos.

On the cover, Robert is a Hollywood hunk in a mauve T-shirt with the sleeves rolled up and a set of vintage pants. The couture look is giving off the biggest old Hollywood vibes. Inside the magazine, Robert posed for a number of additional snaps, including one in an all-denim ensemble and another in his favorite khaki.

In each of the snaps, Robert gives the camera a sexy look or looks off into the distance. Fans of the reality star know that he usually prefers to be behind the camera, taking the photos, as he has become a well-known wildlife photographer in addition to working at his family’s Australia Zoo.

All the photos from the Stellar Magazine shoot were also taken at the family zoo. Fans were quick to note that he was “old school handsome,” while other fans noted that they needed a “minute to recover” after seeing the spread.

Robert posted the photos on his Instagram and wrote alongside the snap, “Well this was definitely something different, being asked to be on the cover of Australia.” Star Magazine! @stellarmag”.

In the interview, Robert talked about growing up at the zoo without his father.

“Because I am entering adulthood, having just turned 18, and navigating that is quite difficult. [but] when you’re in my situation and you don’t have a father figure to guide you, it’s really hard,” he said.

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“The year before last I walked my sister down the aisle, and you do that kind of thing and you think, ‘That was Dad’s job. That wasn’t mine. So, it’s these bittersweet moments that you have all the time.”

Of his mother Terri, Robert praised her for how she single-handedly raised two children and kept Australia Zoo alive during the pandemic.

“She got us through Covid effortlessly, and it had to be mom and dad,” he said. “When times are really tough, and I wish Dad was here, I just think how proud he would be of Mom.”

And while fans can’t seem to get over Robert’s super-hot snaps, just a few years ago Robert told Access Hollywood that he’s not paying too much attention to his love life, even though his mom and sister, Bindi, revealed that Robert has a large fan base due to his good looks and sweet personality.

“Yeah, well, they’re only human,” Terri joked about the girls who have expressed an interest in Robert. “I love seeing him grow up and have a passion for photography. There are many young girls who also love photography.”

Terri said she has definitely given her son a gentle nudge when the girls approach Robert about the picture.

“I’m going to say, she’s kind of cute,” Terri said.

“And he will say yes, he has a Canon Eos mark 1 with a resolution of f2.8 and an impressive ISO. And I’m like, ‘Wow, good for her.’”

Robert joked during the 2018 interview that he’s not interested in dating yet, saying he’s focusing his energy on his camera skills!

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“It’s fun trying to explain photography to mum and Bindi because I’m kind of obsessed with it. I’m lovin ‘it. The technical side of things, when you get into all the different lenses and cameras, and I start talking about it and I think they’re paying attention because they’re nodding and smiling and I’m going to ask them about what I just said. And I think it just goes right over his head.”

Bindi and Terri nodded and said yes, most of these things go through their heads, but they love Robert anyway!

“That’s Robert’s true love in life right now, and his focus. We love you,” Bindi said.

“If a girl has a camera, she’s in,” Terri joked.

“Yes, but only for the camera,” Bindi joked. “It is fun.”

“They are very supportive,” Robert joked.

Well, maybe after this latest look from Robert, he may have some new fans on the way!

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Bindi, Robert, Terri and Steve Irwin Family Photos

Bindi, Robert, Terri and Steve Irwin Family Photos

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