‘Romance could be coming back into my life this season’

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In the last two years, paris smith has become a favorite of the cast in made in chelsea. While it seems like everyone else’s relationships are falling apart, Harvey Armstrong and Emily Blackwell‘s being one – Paris stays out of the drama, and thinks this Chelsea series is one of her most ‘tame’. “For me, as tame as this season of Made In Chelsea may be, I think for everyone else it was the wildest,” he tells Grazia. ‘I mean, it’s almost like shock factor after shock factor after shock factor. So it’s eventful, exciting, shocking. And bold, actually, on the part of the cast.

paris smith

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paris smith

In the last series, viewers briefly met Paris’ ex-boyfriend Cillian, but now, the model is single and focused on her friendships, with partners like no valentine, and his best friend Robbie Mullet. ‘Made In Chelsea has made me feel very positive about my friendships. And about my strength when it comes to relationships, being sure of myself,’ she says, before jokingly adding, ‘as well as being able to enjoy imagining a whole season of Chelsea with hardly any plots.’

But will there be more appointments for Paris in the future? She doesn’t want to spoil the series, but maybe. “This season may have a little bit of romance fluttering into my life,” she hints. ‘But we’ll see… Maybe, maybe not. It may work, it may not. We have yet to see, so positive thinking… Keep your positive manifestations to me.’

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With arguments and accusations of cheating with the rest of the cast, Paris admits she’s been “shocked” by some of the relationship drama to come. “Whoever you think the strongest relationships are, it’s very surprising to see the kind of turmoil they’re going through,” she says. “And I think it’s a very honest reflection of what can be seen as very positive and strong relationships – getting a real behind-the-scenes look at some of the relationships I know from my friends on the show.” She quite surprised me – there were some really shocking revelations about people’s behavior.”

Paris may not be involved in much drama in this series, but she’s not planning on leaving Chelsea anytime soon. “I think I really enjoyed being on the show because it’s really not that hard. You know, these are the day-to-day things that I do in my life. And when it gets to the points where I talk about things emotionally like race or relationshipsThe fanbase around Chelsea has been very supportive and really buoyed me up, and I think that’s been a big part of why I love being on the show,” he says.

“And obviously the extra champagne,” she jokes, “but I really hope to be on the show for as long as I can, enjoying this experience to the fullest and making sure I’m grateful for it at the same time.” You know, we are very lucky to be in such privileged positions.

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Made In Chelsea continues tonight on E4 at 9pm