Simple Cooking Method “Will Cut An Extra £30 Off Weekly Grocery” – Money Saving Tips

Online health food retailer MuscleFood shared “10 Great Ways to Help People Cut Costs” by planning which dishes to eat, as well as inexpensive ways to increase your weekly meals for half the price.

Get ready at the beginning of the month

It’s a good idea to stay on top of the grocery store early by creating a list of everything you need and planning where to get your ingredients.

Tom Bennett, Head of NPD for MuscleFood, explained: “Not only will it help avoid overspending on unnecessary products, it can also help decide which meals can be frozen early for use later in the month.”

Batch Cooking on Sundays

Experts recommended batch cooking to “shave off an extra £30 from the weekly grocery store.”

Tom explained: “Spend Sunday night cooking and freezing batches ahead of the week, so meals are worth £1 a serving.

“Large batches of baked chicken pasta and spaghetti bolognese are highly recommended for starters.”

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Collect and freeze meat weekly

Select a different meat each week to avoid wasting all the more expensive meats on just a few servings.

Once used, freeze leftovers and thaw throughout the week to include in a packed lunch or to use for pre-planned meals that “will save you an extra five pounds at the grocery store.”

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Add fiber to meals.

Buying large bags of lentils and chickpeas to include in meals throughout the week is a great way to bulk up on delicious and healthy meals.

add beans

Beans will add volume to a meal in no time and can be added to almost any tomato dish like chili or bolognese.


leftovers for lunches

Britons should put leftover meats and vegetables into sandwiches for the next day to avoid the temptation to buy a meal deal and “if they want to stretch their money further”.

The expert explained, “You’ll find that you don’t need a lot of filling to bulk up your sandwich, so it should last a couple of days.”

Meals in a pan

One pan recipe ideas for cooking for four people on a budget are well worth looking into, and these can be used twice or more in the week.

Tom recommended: “Be sure to use the golden trio rule when planning your meal: carbs, protein, and vegetables, to help bulk up your meals without using every item in the fridge.”

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great pasta dishes

Another alternative is to buy large bags of dry pasta and be sure to cook more to use for lunch the next day.

“Not only will you save on throwing away leftovers, but you’ll also cut down on buying a whole list of ingredients for another meal,” the food expert said.

cut meats

Consider cutting up meats like chicken and sausage if you want to bulk up something like a pasta dish before throwing them away. “You won’t need to use much to make the food look fuller,” Tom revealed.

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add eggs

Adding eggs is an inexpensive way to bulk up weekly meals and makes it even easier to make a meal more delicious.

Tom recommended going sunny side up or a healthier alternative like hard-boiled eggs “which work great with salads for lunch.”

The expert added: “We wanted to give people some simple tips on how to cook delicious meals without spending money on ingredients.

“With the cost-of-living crisis deepening, many shoppers are anxious about rising food prices and the impact it has on the meals they can prepare on a shoestring budget.

“We’ve found simple ways to increase weekly meals on a dime, from batch cooking on a Sunday night to following one-pan recipes to feed a group of four.”