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By Sherry Larson


It’s spring, and a new variety of fashion arrives with the season. Cosmopolitan Magazine’s Natasha Harding hit the catwalks and spotted some of the latest trends. According to Harding, if you’re shopping for some new yarns, these are the ones that will turn heads for the spring 2022 season: cut-outs, lime green, mini skirts, hot pink, halter necks, low rises, statement pantsuits, bra-like tops. , butter yellow, fringes, bright coordinates, feathers and pleats. In her Vogue article, “The Best Street Style Looks of Spring 2022,” Emily Farra attributes the pandemic to how people are dressing on the street, not the runway. Still, she witnesses bright and vibrant colors and mix of prints. Gender fluid clothing and less fitted suits and short skirts with high boots and bras for shirts are popular street styles. Kathryn McCann of today.com agrees with bright colors, short skirts, pleats, and baggy suit jackets, adding to the popularity of platform shoes and plaid puff-sleeved dresses.

We may not be in New York City, but the Defender perused a couple of local boutiques and chatted with Cabi’s resident stylist, Liz Lafferty, to get her take on what’s new in spring fashion.

The Grace and Lace boutique is in downtown West Union. Brooklyn Young curates this chic bohemian boutique. Young says this spring; we can look for layered looks, textured fabrics, linen, more skirts, little floral prints and lots of white. He agreed that cutouts are a youthful trend this year and fringes are popular. Accessories are always key, and gold jewelry is making a comeback, as are rhinestone earrings. Jute bags are all the rage and rancher hats are a tik-tok favorite. Studded sandals are all the rage in all shapes and textures.

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Liz Lafferty has been representing cabi clothing for eighteen years. She supports women in choosing classic pieces. She said: “I hate to see people spend their money on trendy clothes; maybe buy a piece or two because the trends may come out for the next season”. Some classic wardrobe pieces that Lafferty recommends for spring are white jeans paired with a dressy jacket. Lafferty shares a little ditty, she beware: “If the white is too tight, it’s not right.” She also advises investing in a good quality pair of jeans that you can wear for years to come. She explains that cabi has something to offer all women, but the target audience is probably in their 30s or older. Some things to look for this season are asymmetrical patterns, herringbone, and flowers. Popular shades include greens, blues, and corals. In accessories, leopard print and other animal prints, shoes and clothing continue to be a trend. Add some gold jewelry combined with pearls, and it will be classic and fashionable.

Kreation Boutique is another West Union store that offers a line of simple and modern spring clothing. As a consumer favorite, sales associate Heather Lute pointed to the “brunch always” shirt in cream with textured flowers and a ruched bust. She added: “Everybody loves jumpsuits, they’re one of the first things people buy.” Short shirts were exhibited and fringes were once again a recurring fashion adornment. High-waisted faux fur shorts and a pastel multi-colored jean jacket were new for the season. The “shackets,” which hit the market with a bang and bang in the fall, are still selling steadily.

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Whether you’re following the runway, keeping a classic wardrobe, or opting for laid-back, modern pieces, the new spring lines are spoiled for choice. Have fun, be comfortable and stay true to your sense of style.