109 Live Animals Found in Women’s Luggage in Massive Airport Wildlife Trafficking Raid

LONDON — Two women have been arrested in Thailand for allegedly attempting to smuggle at least 109 live animals in their luggage, including porcupines, armadillos, tortoises, chameleons and snakes, while trying to board a flight to India. The incident occurred Monday at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport as two Indian women were trying to pass through airport … Read more

Local clinic hears the call of wild and rehabilitated animals

Oct. 31—ASHLAND — It’s not enough to treat pets at Guardian Animal Medical Center; the vet also treats wild animals. MJ Wixsom became interested in wildlife rehabilitation while studying veterinary medicine at the University of Missouri and working with the Bird of Prey Rehabilitation Unit. “I raised mice for the hawks and owls. I also … Read more

Animal Tales Trending: Flamingos Outperformed Hurricane Ian in a Bath

Flamingos shelter in a bathroom at the Miami-Metro Zoo on September 14, 1999 at tropical storm force … [+] Winds from Hurricane Floyd approached the Miami area. Floyd, which was expected to bypass Miami, was a massive storm packing 155 mph winds. Zoo officials said they would release the birds as soon as the danger … Read more

World Animal Protection asks Gucci to stop using wild animals – World Water Day

The US World Animal Protection has notified gucci of his concern about the use of tigers by the luxury brand in its gucci Tiger collection campaign, and has asked you to stop using wild animals in your ads. The Gucci Tiger campaign features real tigers. Angelo Pennetta As reported, in celebration of the Year of … Read more


Sharks + intentional feeding = a dangerous situation for everyone involved. CONTRIBUTED Last week, a coworker showed me a video on social media of a mother helping her son hang a fish carcass on the back of a boat to feed a waiting nurse shark. As expected from a viral video, the poorly balanced couple … Read more

America’s Most Dangerous Animals

Early one morning in a Lake Tahoe cabin, a woman was attacked by a black bear, one of the most dangerous animals in the US. The bear lunged at her when she startled him while he was ripping open her freezer for food. “I remember seeing his big paw right in my face and basically … Read more

US House of Representatives Approves FY2023 Spending Package, Including Critical Resources for Animals

The votes are in: the US House of Representatives just passed a sweeping spending package to fund several federal agencies for fiscal year 2023. The federal budget operates in fiscal years from October 1 to September 30 , so this fiscal year 2023 bill will take effect later. this year. We are pleased to report … Read more

Optimal Breeding Group Sizes Differ by Sex in Cooperative Animals

The findings help explain why the size of living ostriches groups can vary so much in the wild, showing that the optimal size of a group depends on the balance of males and females within it. Like humans, ostriches face the challenges of parenthood by banding together to care for their young. Groups breed in … Read more

How Zoology Got the Females Wrong

Sign up for CNN’s Wonder Theory science newsletter. Explore the universe with news about exciting discoveries, scientific breakthroughs and more. CNN — Stereotypes of dominant male and docile female creatures have shaped zoology since the time of Charles Darwin. This interpretation too often it is still unquestioned today in textbooks and nature documentaries. A new … Read more

Cary Fagan’s novel The Animals is a realistic novel with an overriding premise

What would happen if people had wild animals in their homes? That is the intriguing premise of Cary Fagan’s latest work. The prolific Ontario author works in the adult and children’s fiction genres. He has published more than 25 books for young readers, including the popular novels Kaspar Snit, the two-volume Master Melville’s Medicine, bony … Read more

In ‘Florida Woman’, wild animals are not as unpredictable as humans | Lifestyle

An intelligent reader comes to any “Florida Man” story armed with certain expectations. There will be quirky, tacky characters, primordial wildlife at close range, and run-ins with the law. Deb Rogers’ first novel, “Florida Woman,” is no exception to these rules. It begins with a compellingly strange and solid premise: hapless twenty-something Jamie Hawthorne makes … Read more