Chinese researchers clone arctic wolf in ‘historic’ conservation project

On Monday, Beijing-based company Sinogene Biotechnology unveiled the female wolf clone, named Maya by scientists, marking 100 days since she was born on June 10. Maya, a greyish-brown puppy with a bushy tail, is in healthy condition, the company said. During a press conference, he showed videos of Maya playing and resting. “After two years … Read more

Republicans grill top bankers over China ties

By Lananh Nguyen, Saeed Azhar and Scott Murdoch WASHINGTON/HONG KONG (Reuters) – Lawmakers on Wednesday pressed top U.S. bankers to take a tougher stance on doing business with China amid rising tensions between Washington and Beijing over Taiwan’s sovereignty and rights record. Chinese humans. During a hearing before the US House Financial Services Committee, Republican … Read more

LGBTQIA+ patients deserve better. This is what sanitary spaces can do

In June, President Joe Biden signed an executive order asking the federal departments of health and education to expand access to gender-affirming health care. While it is wonderful to see the evolution of Biden and Harris’ personal and political stances on LGBTQIA+ issues, many LGBTQIA+ people remain skeptical of government protections around LGBTQIA+ health care. … Read more

China’s new lockdown affects 21 million people in Chengdu amid ‘Covid zero’ push

top line Chinese authorities will lock down the city of Chengdu on Thursday in an effort to slow the spread of Covid-19, confining millions of people to their homes and closing businesses in one of China’s largest and most economically important cities as Beijing moves forward. in his lonely and obstinate search for “Covid zero”. … Read more

China may have committed crimes against humanity in Xinjiang, says UN

know about China may have committed crimes against humanity in Xinjiang, says UN in details Sept 1 (Reuters) – China’s “arbitrary and discriminatory detention” of Uyghurs and other Muslims in its Xinjiang region may constitute a crime against humanity, the outgoing UN human rights chief said in a long-awaited report. on Wednesday. United Nations High … Read more

Russia dodges economic collapse but the decline has begun | Business Insurance

know about this Russia dodges economic collapse but the decline has begun in complete details. London CNN Business — Six months after invading Ukraine, Russia is mired in a war of attrition it did not anticipate, but it is succeeding on another front: Its oil-dependent economy is in a deep recession, but it is proving … Read more

China plans to use chemicals to generate rain to protect its grain harvest: NPR

A farmer stands over a deep crack in the dried mud of an embankment in his rice fields near Chongqing, China, on Sunday. The government says it will try to protect China’s grain harvest from a record drought by using chemicals to generate rain. Mark Schiefelbein/AP hide title toggle title Mark Schiefelbein/AP A farmer stands … Read more

China shuts down health platform Dingxiangyuan for questioning traditional medicine on WeChat

Lizi, a 26-year-old office worker in Beijing, had been struggling to dispel dangerous myths about health and medicine held by her parents. Construction workers in rural northeast China, Lizi’s parents treated her childhood fever with chicken bile, a traditional Chinese medicine, and stuck a clove of garlic up her anus whenever she had a fever. … Read more

What do GCs need to know right now about abortion trigger bans, HIPAA, and how not to break the law?

know about What do GCs need to know right now about abortion trigger bans, HIPAA, and how not to break the law? in details Many employers are famous committed to protecting access to abortion for your employees. Some have agreed to cover travel expenses for the procedure. Meanwhile, looming abortion ban laws in states like … Read more

AM Best Affirms the Credit Ratings of China BOCOM Insurance Company Limited | Business Insurance

know about this AM Best Affirms the Credit Ratings of China BOCOM Insurance Company Limited in complete details. HONG KONG–(COMMERCIAL WIRE)–I am better has affirmed the Financial Strength Rating of A- (Excellent) and the Long-Term Issuer Credit Rating of “a-” (Excellent) of China BOCOM Insurance Company Limited (CBIC) (Hong Kong). The outlook on these Credit … Read more

A new virus in China sparked panic after jumping from shrews to humans, but experts say it’s probably not as worrisome as COVID. This is why.

Matthias Kern/Shutterstock Researchers have identified a virus that jumped from animals to humans in China. A total of 35 human infections were recorded over two and a half years. No one has died from Langya virus infection to date, and the virus does not appear to spread between humans. Scientists in China have identified a … Read more

Dozens of confirmed cases in China

Share on PinterestScientists believe that the new Langya henipavirus, or LayV, was likely transmitted from shrews to humans. There are currently more than 30 confirmed cases in China. Erhard Nerger/Getty Images More than 30 people in China have been sickened by a newly identified virus. Symptoms of Langya henipavirus, or LayV, include fever, fatigue, cough, … Read more

New Langya virus infects dozens in eastern China: study | health news

The Langya virus, which can cause fever, fatigue and nausea, is found in 35 people in eastern China, the researchers say. Scientists in Asia have identified a new virus that can cause severe fever and was likely transmitted to humans from animals in eastern China. Langya henipavirus (LayV) was found in 35 people in China’s … Read more

Scientists calm fears about the new Langya virus in China that is infecting only EIGHT people a year

Leading scientists have assured the public that the Langya virus is nothing like Covid after reports of the new pathogen in China sparked fears of a repeat of the 2020 pandemic. Langya henipavirus, or LayV, was detected in 35 people in the eastern provinces of Henan and Shandong between December 2018 and mid-2021. This means … Read more

China Nicorandil Market Research Report 2022: Sales 2017-2021, Top Manufacturers 2017-2021, Sales Prices 2021-2022, Future Outlook 2022-2031 –

DUBLIN–(COMMERCIAL WIRE)–The “Research Report on China Nicorandil Market, 2022-2031” Report has been added to offering. Analyst survey data shows that from 2017 to 2021, the sales value of nicorandil in the Chinese market continued to increase year on year. Even in the face of COVID-19, the sales value still achieved growth in 2021, reaching … Read more

Protection of women’s rights in China

Authors: Kailing Xie, University of Birmingham and Ying Huang, York University Between December 24, 2021 and January 22, 2022, China’s Women’s Rights and Interests Protection Law was opened to the public so that they could offer amendment proposals. This is the third set of amendments proposed since the law was passed in 1992. During this … Read more