The built environment industry bears a huge responsibility in the climate crisis

The built environment industry bears a huge responsibility in the climate crisis Montreuil Gate © Nexity Share Share Facebook Twitter Mail pinterest WhatsApp EITHER Climate change is becoming more real every day: all over the world, we are witnessing a clear increase in climate disasters. Furthermore, the latest IPCC report warns us of possible … Read more

The current state of global climate action

So how is the world doing when it comes to combating climate change? Are we on the right track, do we have a lot of ground to recover or is the situation desperate? These are questions that are difficult to answer with certainty. However, a recent research article, published in the journal Nature, on April … Read more

UN to publish climate change solutions manual

PARIS, France — UN climate experts will publish what is expected to be the definitive guide to stopping global warming on Monday, in a report that sets out how societies and economies must transform to ensure a “livable” future. With the war in Ukraine prompting an urgent energy rethink in the West, analysts say the … Read more

A 3,000-page United Nations manual to stop the climate crisis

PARIS: Nearly 200 nations gather Monday (March 21) to grapple with a question that will survive COVID-19 and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine: How does a world addicted to fossil fuels prevent carbon pollution from causing Earth uninhabitable? A partial response is scheduled for April 4 after closed-door virtual negotiations approve a nearly 3,000-page report detailing … Read more

Climate action must include racial justice

The White House Council on Environmental Quality recently announced that it will not directly take race into account when applying environmental justice policies. That’s problematic because achieving environmental justice is essential to sustaining the life, culture, and language of frontline communities. To disregard race when discussing environmental justice is to deny someone’s lived experience and … Read more