Trisha Denise Meyer, a Texas mom who was once arrested for a house full of tigers, is in trouble again for the sale of a jaguar

A Texas mother who was once arrested for housing three tigers and several “ferocious” monkeys under the same roof as her teenage daughter is now facing federal charges after allegedly negotiating the sale of an endangered jaguar cub, which she later was abandoned on the doorstep of a California wildlife refuge. sanctuary. Trisha Denise Meyer, … Read more

Mars achieves sustainable fishing goals

LONDON — Mars Pet Nutrition met its latest green goal on June 7 to sustainably source all fish used in its pet food products in Europe. According to Mars, sustainable fishing is just one part of its global sustainability commitment and its $1 billion Sustainable in a Generation Plan initiative. Brands that now feature sustainably … Read more

Should leopards be paid for their spots?

In 2017, Good Markides, with colleagues from the Wildlife Conservation Research Unit, published an opinion piece in an academic journal titled “A Cultural Awareness for Conservation.” In the article, Good Markides and her co-authors, Dawn Burnham and David W. Macdonald, suggested a novel method of raising conservation funds: a “royalty of species” for the use … Read more