Explained: Why has Norway killed Freya, a walrus who had won the hearts of the people?

Authorities in Norway said on Sunday (Aug 14) they had killed a 600kg young female walrus who had been hanging out in the waters off Oslo, because she was a “threat to human security”. The five-year-old animal who was first seen in Oslofjord on July 17 had become a huge favorite with the crowds, who … Read more

Is the Eurostar affected by the UK rail strikes? Why trains are canceled or delayed and your rights explained

British tourists faced further travel disruption as four Eurostar trains were canceled on Sunday and Monday due to the temporary closure of a high-speed line in France. Thousands of passengers were waiting at Eurostar departure areas in London and Paris as a result of the canceled services. A Eurostar spokesman said Yo: “[The line] it … Read more

‘The Cursed’ ending explained: Was McBride able to undo the curse? Who was the soldier?

“The Cursed” is written and directed by Sean Ellis. He also did the cinematography for the film and was able to create a sinister look that efficiently aids the narrative. Music by Robin Foster and crisp editing by Yorgos Mavropsaridis and Richard Mettler ensure you’re immersed in this period of horror/drama. The performances, especially from … Read more

Changing ‘religious demographics’ is a real threat, study says. Explained

A study disaggregating 2011 census data shows that the number of Indian Muslims has been increasing at a faster rate than that of other religious Indians (IRs), which include Hindus, Sikhs, Jains and Buddhists. Dr. JK Bajaj of the Center for Policy Studies (CPS) conducted the research that shed light on “India’s changing religious demographics.” … Read more

Physical Exam vs. Annual Wellness Visit: Differences Explained

Can you tell the difference between an annual physical exam and an annual wellness visit (AWV)? Question: Can you tell me the difference between an annual physical exam and an annual wellness visit (AWV)? Answer: While both types of exams have prevention in mind, there are many differences between them. An annual physical exam is … Read more

Cash vs. Accrual accounting explained with examples

If you’re an entrepreneur or small business owner, it’s a good idea to become familiar with cash and accrual accounting methods. What is the cash method of accounting? So what is the difference between cash and accrual accounting methods? Cash and accrual accounting The methods are among the most common accounting methods, according to the … Read more

Top Gun 2’s Penny And How She Appears In The First Movie, Explained

Kelly McGillis’s Charlie was one of the big reasons the original top gun work. An intelligent and capable woman in an era of token brides, she brought a surprising sense of equality to her relationship with Tom Cruise’s Maverick. She dictated the terms of her romance, she was openly presented as the more emotionally mature … Read more

Honey Pot and the History of Feminine Wash Products Explained

Washes and wipes remain popular, especially among black women, even though doctors say they’re unnecessary and potentially harmful. May 31, 2022 at 8:00 a.m. EDT (Educational Advertising Foundation; iStock; María Alconada Brooks/The Washington Post) The Honey Pot Company, one of several Black or women-owned intimate care brands that have risen in popularity in recent years, … Read more

Explained: Spain’s ‘only yes is yes’ bill on non-consensual sex

Span’s lower house of parliament on Thursday approved the Sexual Freedom Guarantee bill, popularly known as ‘only yes is yes’, which will make consent a significant determinant in cases of sexual assault. The bill, which still needs to pass the Senate, does not require survivors to prove they have been victims of sexual violence or … Read more

Monster Scripted’s Canneseries ‘Afterglow’ Explained By Its Stars

In the seven-episode Monster Scripted series “Afterglow,” hailing from Norway, Ester, a mother, wife, and friend, finds out she has cancer. But instead of giving in to pain, she “demands joy,” said actress Nina Ellen Ødegård. Variety at Canneseries after its premiere in main competition. REinvent handles sales. “He despairs, in a way, and I … Read more

Paleo vs Whole30: Differences and Similarities Explained

Both Paleo and Whole30 are very trendy diets that ditch processed foods in favor of whole foods. But diets are not really interchangeable terms. Whole30 has stricter requirements and is a time-limited program, while Paleo is a lifestyle change. Am I still confused? Let’s trace the main differences between Paleo and Whole30. And help you … Read more

2022 Budget Explained: How Your Health and Fitness Spending Is Affected

Grant Thornton’s Budget Explanation: The last two years have been difficult for us, managing work and families, from home and sometimes in hybrid mode. Everyone has faced some form of anxiety or health issues, be it physical or mental, in a world that has become more virtual than ever. Considering how the pandemic has played … Read more