Survey: Women put their money (and jobs) where their mouths are

A lot has happened in the year since we released the results of Ellevest’s first Financial Well-Being Survey last October. Inflation has hit us all hard. The markets have been everywhere. Student debt is finally being forgiven (some of it, anyway). And employment, while looking better on the surface, is still a major problem for … Read more

How (and why) we created the Ellevest Women’s Financial Health Index

How are you? It is something we ask ourselves often, especially since the pandemic began. There is a lot of content in that little question: we are asking about someone’s mental, physical and emotional health. But what underlies, we would say, is your financial health. We can feel his skepticism seeping through the screen. But … Read more

Here’s how to get hired at NayaOne

Finextra went behind the scenes at NayaOne to quiz Ambar Vitelli, head of strategic partnerships, about the qualities the fintech is looking for in new hires. NayaOne specializes in forging partnerships and offering products across the financial sector by employing fintech-as-a-service and cloud technologies. The company helps banks, companies, and regulators develop services in digital … Read more

Confused in the middle class | Business

Jill Schlesinger “Jill, when I hear politicians talk about the middle class, what do they mean?” To answer this question, it is worth tracing the roots of the term. When we think of the rise of the middle class, we go back to President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s June 1944 signing of the Military Readjustment Act … Read more

Reduce the money gap for women

By Sylvia Juko When it comes to managing personal finances, there are categories of women who are in the driver’s seat and those who have decided it’s not their forte. However, given the dual role of household management and career/entrepreneurship, women need to be aware of their finances. When trying to juggle dual roles, you … Read more

5 smart strategies to save money on your divorce

Hardly anyone lives on half of their income and assets, which is why most men and women who get divorced have to make lifestyle adjustments after divorce, regardless of whether they are in debt or have millions in the bank. One of the most obvious ways to try to separate into two houses with as … Read more

This 1 share pays you just for owning it

Leading pharmaceutical company Pfizer (PFE) has done exceptionally well during the pandemic thanks to high demand for its COVID-19 vaccine, and still has plenty of growth prospects. The company’s focus on strengthening its portfolio through business acquisitions, product development and approvals is expected to deliver impressive growth in the coming quarters. Therefore, we believe this … Read more

Black Professionals in Private Equity and Finance – Dealmaker Spotlight: Mikel Parker | McGuire Woods LLP

The following series features interviews with Black dealmakers and trailblazers in the private equity and financial community. To help us spotlight professionals who are making a difference in their career paths, email Greg Kilpatrick at [email protected] and Gerald Thomas in [email protected] Q: What do diversity, equity and inclusion mean to you and why are they … Read more

Money saving tips: Mum says a family of four can save £60 a week at the grocery store at Aldi | Personal Finance | Finance

According to Nimblefins, the average weekly grocery bill for a UK family of four is £108; however, a young mother from Cardiff says that families can eat well for much less. Ashleigh Mogford, who has an Instagram page called mom cardiff with 284,000 followers, he says his family tried Aldi’s new frozen meal plan, which … Read more

19 Money Tips From Women Over 50

One of the most powerful ways women can break money taboos and help each other reach their financial goals is by talking to each other—exchanging advice, sharing what worked for us, and encouraging each other along the way. We also strongly believe that different groups of women who share similar backgrounds or other factors that … Read more

Author of 12 personal finance books shares top tips for successful saving

Author Jean Chatzky shares important steps anyone can take to create financial security. There are multiple tools that help savers create a budget and track their spending. Keeping a budget and building savings will help people develop a better relationship with money. While everyone’s roadmap to a clear and free financial future looks different, there … Read more

Underpayment of state pensions found as women could get their money back | Personal Finance | Finance

The DWP has previously found state pension underpayments, some of them historic, and the process to rectify the form has begun. It is believed that less than £1.5bn was paid out to certain married women, widows and those over 80. However, the DWP has now said that there is a new category of bug that … Read more

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New York mother and daughter ran credit card charge scam to finance lavish lifestyle: indictment

As a mother, as a scammer. A Long Island mother and daughter have been charged in a decade-old credit card fraud scheme in which they allegedly swindled banks out of hundreds of thousands of dollars for designer clothing purchases and luxury vacations. as The Post learned. Karan Geist, 61, and her daughter Alyssa Geist, 33, … Read more

Mum saves £650 on her daily shopping by doubling down – ‘that will pay for Christmas’ | Personal Finance | Finance

You’re getting creative with both your spending and your savings, and you’re reaping the rewards. She now shares her advice with the hope that readers can also get more bang for her buck. Amy James is fighting back as her energy bills top £500 a month, and all the other bills in her household rise … Read more

Money-Savvy Mom Reveals a Simple Shopping Trick That Saves a Fortune: ‘Always Do It’ | Personal Finance | Finance

Families are looking for ways to save money as children return to school. The cost of buying school uniforms, technology and equipment is £143.39 per child, £11.20 more than last year, according to money transfer service WorldRemit. A mother is working hard to reduce her expenses. Busy mom Sarah Sturgess has learned a lot about … Read more