Survey: Women put their money (and jobs) where their mouths are

A lot has happened in the year since we released the results of Ellevest’s first Financial Well-Being Survey last October. Inflation has hit us all hard. The markets have been everywhere. Student debt is finally being forgiven (some of it, anyway). And employment, while looking better on the surface, is still a major problem for … Read more

How (and why) we created the Ellevest Women’s Financial Health Index

How are you? It is something we ask ourselves often, especially since the pandemic began. There is a lot of content in that little question: we are asking about someone’s mental, physical and emotional health. But what underlies, we would say, is your financial health. We can feel his skepticism seeping through the screen. But … Read more

19 Money Tips From Women Over 50

One of the most powerful ways women can break money taboos and help each other reach their financial goals is by talking to each other—exchanging advice, sharing what worked for us, and encouraging each other along the way. We also strongly believe that different groups of women who share similar backgrounds or other factors that … Read more