Remote work, healthcare and free massages: the benefits abound in Europe’s thriving tech sector

Viewing Europe’s tech scene as a single, homogeneous entity would be misleading. It is a network of separate, distinct and highly dynamic technology hubs, as vibrant and diverse as the continent itself, located from Lisbon to Riga and Stockholm to Milan. Many of these hubs are home to global giants like Salesforce, Google and Apple … Read more

Why self-care isn’t just about ‘manicures and massages’ for black women

Photo Credit: Delphine Lee “Hearst Magazines and Yahoo may earn commissions or income on some articles through the links below.” Ten years ago, I was just beginning my career, working as an editor on a major website. A dream for a budding journalist. Weekdays and weeknights were filled with exclusive events, celebrity encounters and adventures … Read more

Kim Kardashian complains that her children interrupt her massages at home

Oh, there’s nothing worse than having your child climb on your massage table while you’re enjoying a deep massage in your own home, right? Well, at least that’s the case for Kim Kardashian. While promoting her new skincare line, SKKN, the 41-year-old reality star was open about being a single mother of four, admitting that … Read more