Oregon Democrat says drug prices are ‘out of control.’ As a state legislator, she tried to keep them that way.

Democrats Congressional hopeful Val Hoyle took thousands of dollars from Eli Lilly and then worked to protect his insulin patent. Val Hoyle (via Twitter) Collin Anderson • September 22, 2022 11:20 am As a state legislator, Oregon Democrat Val Hoyle received many donations from pharmaceutical companies during her eight years in office. But the money … Read more

Why hybrid workplaces are dying out | Business Insurance

know about this Why hybrid workplaces are dying out in complete details. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies have offered a hybrid work setup to attract talent. The promise of the hybrid, which combines office and remote work, is that employees can have a better balance between work and personal life. However, … Read more

Chris Evert: ‘The cancer left me in a fog and very scared, I tried to block it out’ | Tennis

“MEIt was the longest four days of my life,” says Chris Evert as he recalls coping with mortality last December while awaiting a second cancer diagnosis. Evert, who won 18 Grand Slam titles between 1974 and 1986, had just undergone surgery for ovarian cancer. He was then tested to determine if the cancer had spread, … Read more

‘She asked me, will they kill you if they find out?’: Afghan girls defy ban on education in secret schools | Afghanistan

When the inspectors arrive at the school gate, which is most weeks now, the older girls know how to do it. They sneak out of their classes, run into a musty room, and hang out for long minutes, sometimes hours, hoping they won’t be found out by the men who want to lock them in … Read more

ADL condemns New York progressive group Jews for Racial and Economic Justice as ‘out of touch’

know about ADL condemns New York progressive group Jews for Racial and Economic Justice as ‘out of touch’ (New York Jewish Week) — A new Jewish entrant in a crowded New York congressional race received major amplification this week when the leader of the Anti-Defamation League, a national nonpartisan civil rights advocacy group, shared his … Read more

Oklahoma representatives are ‘out of step’ with our views on abortion

know about Oklahoma representatives are ‘out of step’ with our views on abortion in details My story is no different than many others. I came of age with Roe v. Wade, I had just graduated from high school in 1973. I lived with the freedom to make decisions about my reproductive health, a freedom that … Read more

3 simple tips to improve my financial plan from the book ‘Cashing Out’

Kiersten and Julien Saunders retired at 40 and I want to follow their example. Her new book encourages people to reexamine why they want to be financially independent. I am revising my financial plan and adding 3 tips from your book, including talking to other Filipinos about money. Charging Something is loading. Because I have … Read more

We found duplicates of 2022’s hottest fashion staples worth checking out | Fashion

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9-year-old fashion designer catches Vera Wang’s eye: ‘I was freaking out’ | Fashion

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Verbal aggression towards female CEOs is the result of ‘out of group’ gender bias

Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain Female CEOs face more aggressive questions from male analysts during earnings conference calls, a new study reveals. Researchers, including those at the University of Exeter Business School, analyzed recordings of 39,209 earnings conference calls with US companies between 2005 and 2018, including the likes of Apple, Microsoft and Facebook. Earnings conference … Read more

Opinion | Ignore the experts. Democrats are not losing out on education due to ‘waking up’ or covid.

The media has promoted Republican hysteria that schools are subjecting students to a bizarre pedagogy designed to make them feel guilty about racism. But survey data shows that most parents want teachers to talk about race and don’t want schools to ban books. Similarly, the recent removal of several progressive school board members in San … Read more

We cannot secure our way out of climate disaster

Since 2016, more than 50,000 structures in California have been destroyed by wildfires. During fire season in the West, when the sky is dark with smoke and the sun is an eerie red, you may find yourself breathing in tiny char particles from what used to be someone’s front porch swing. These fires will only … Read more

Wayfair’s 72 Hour Clearance Mass Ends Today – Shop Before Time Runs Out

fair wayStore sales feature great deals on very limited time, and right now the last minutes of the home retail store 72 hour settlement the sale is running. If you’ve got some spring redecorating ideas on your mind, or if you’ve just moved to a new place, now’s a good time to pick up a … Read more

Out of This World Harrisville Science Experiment | Education

HARRISVILLE — Three students from Harrisville Central School will conduct their science experiment in space. The experiment by sophomores Elaine L. LaVancha and Hailey M. Meagher along with eighth grader Ethan L. LaVancha was chosen from 52 entries from upstate schools submitted to the Clarkson Discovery Challenge — Space. The finalists experiment, titled “The effects … Read more

Woman runs nonprofit senior pet sanctuary out of her Rockville home

Risa Simon shows up at her home in Rockville, where she runs a pet sanctuary and rescue. Bronx, who is next to Simon, died in September, just over a week after this photo was taken. Photo by Liz Lynch “Let’s take a walk!” says Risa Simon, clapping her hands and egging on seven dogs, includingBuda, … Read more

Lebanese youth drop out of education as crisis bites them

BEIRUT, March 13 (Reuters) – Before Lebanon’s devastating financial crisis hit, Faraj Faraj thought university could put him on the path to financial independence from a family home in a poor area of ​​Beirut. Instead, like a growing number of young people in Lebanon, high costs forced the 19-year-old to drop out of school just … Read more