Poland’s generous welcome does not mitigate the personal turmoil, job gaps and potential abuses faced by Ukrainian refugees.

“Tell them your story. If you are asked about your weaknesses, put them in a positive light. Don’t be afraid to ask questions!” During a webinar Organized for Ukrainian refugees by Mamo pracuj (Mom, work!), a Krakow-based NGO that supports mothers returning to the labor market, a dozen women are learning the basics of job … Read more

Money saving tips: Mum says a family of four can save £60 a week at the grocery store at Aldi | Personal Finance | Finance

According to Nimblefins, the average weekly grocery bill for a UK family of four is £108; however, a young mother from Cardiff says that families can eat well for much less. Ashleigh Mogford, who has an Instagram page called mom cardiff with 284,000 followers, he says his family tried Aldi’s new frozen meal plan, which … Read more

Author of 12 personal finance books shares top tips for successful saving

Author Jean Chatzky shares important steps anyone can take to create financial security. There are multiple tools that help savers create a budget and track their spending. Keeping a budget and building savings will help people develop a better relationship with money. While everyone’s roadmap to a clear and free financial future looks different, there … Read more

Underpayment of state pensions found as women could get their money back | Personal Finance | Finance

The DWP has previously found state pension underpayments, some of them historic, and the process to rectify the form has begun. It is believed that less than £1.5bn was paid out to certain married women, widows and those over 80. However, the DWP has now said that there is a new category of bug that … Read more

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You’re getting creative with both your spending and your savings, and you’re reaping the rewards. She now shares her advice with the hope that readers can also get more bang for her buck. Amy James is fighting back as her energy bills top £500 a month, and all the other bills in her household rise … Read more

Goldman Sachs VP’s personal quest to bring women into STEM

Tina Saffarian is a Vice President in the London office of Goldman Sachs and she’s on a mission. With a nearly six-year career at Goldman’s global markets division, where she works on e-commerce products, Saffarian has launched her own nonprofit organization to educate female students about the benefits of STEM careers. An Information Management graduate … Read more

Money-Savvy Mom Reveals a Simple Shopping Trick That Saves a Fortune: ‘Always Do It’ | Personal Finance | Finance

Families are looking for ways to save money as children return to school. The cost of buying school uniforms, technology and equipment is £143.39 per child, £11.20 more than last year, according to money transfer service WorldRemit. A mother is working hard to reduce her expenses. Busy mom Sarah Sturgess has learned a lot about … Read more

Money Saving Tips: Households Could Save Hundreds on Monthly Bills Through ‘Simple Steps’ | Personal Finance | Finance

New research by finder.com has found that people are starting to cut back on the number of streaming services they regularly use. This coincides with the cost of living crisis with inflation expected to exceed 13 per cent in the coming months and energy bills reaching £3,500 in October. While households are eager to keep … Read more

Chandimal and Chamara reach personal milestones

get complete details of Chandimal and Chamara reach personal milestones from here, checkout more details. Former Sri Lanka captain Dinesh Chandimal and Chamara Silva both achieved personal milestones in the current three-day Major Clubs cricket tournament. Chandimal, Army SC’s goalkeeper batsman who is in fine form, reached the 10,000-run mark in the final three-day game … Read more

Priya Chotalia on her personal and professional growth with UM

Share cheep Share Email priya chotalia graduated from Macquarie University in November 2021 with a master’s degree in data science and recently joined unified messaging Business Analytics Engine (BAE) as data analyst. BAE’s primary goal is to help brands prepare for the future by integrating their marketing data, technology and analytics, unlocking growth and increasing … Read more

Personal Privilege Points The Daily Cartoonist

Home / Section: Comics CSotD: Personal Privilege Points While everyone in the political/publishing industry is turning hostile, I’m going to take a break and indulge in some personal responses to the comic page. East Loose parts (AMS)for example, it’s funny on its own, but about 30 years ago, I was putting together a short summary … Read more

Lynn LaFleur: What is a man’s right to ‘personal reproductive autonomy’?

know about Lynn LaFleur: What is a man’s right to ‘personal reproductive autonomy’? in details This comment is from Lynn LaFleur, a resident of Stowe. As I read Proposition 5/Article 22 as I prepare to vote for or against this proposed constitutional amendment in November, I have to ask: What does a man’s right to … Read more

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3 Tier One ETFs for Stock Dividends | Smart Switch: Personal Finance

It cannot be overstated how critical dividends can be to investors’ total return, especially when reinvested. From 1960 to 2021, dividends reinvested represented 84% of the total profitability of the S&P 500according to Hartford Funds. In other words, dividends can be powerful. If you’re looking to invest in stocks that pay dividends, look no further … Read more

I am a student climate activist in New York. The fight is personal.

know about I am a student climate activist in New York. The fight is personal. First Person is where Chalkbeat features personal essays from educators, students, parents, and others who think and write about public education. A summer storm in New York City demonstrated again how unprepared our neighborhoods are for heavy rain and other … Read more