The DC League Of Super-Pets Director Wants To Include A Specific Character In The Potential Sequel, And For A Very Good Reason

Warning: SPOILERS for DC League of Super Pets are in play. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, consider this a Kryptonite level warning. Showcasing a variety of animals in your lineup, DC League of Super Pets somehow he has it for a particular species in the animated adventure. Although Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson’s … Read more

Many factors drive the decision to volunteer | News

Volunteering is a calling for many in the Susquehanna Valley. From fire department and fire police personnel to hospital staff, community revitalization groups, environmental watchdogs, and local students participating in clean-up campaigns, these folks don’t think to give up their jobs or normal daily activities to help others. The motivations that drive volunteering and the … Read more

Lipoedema: The devastating reason this Queensland woman expects to have a stroke

Queensland woman Rachael Brumley is expecting to have a stroke. It’s a strange thing to wait. But for Brumley, 38, having a stroke will mean qualifying for surgery to close the hole in her heart. She needs that so she can undergo life-changing surgery for lipedema, a disorder in which fat cells accumulate abnormally, leading … Read more

Need another reason to quit? You can lower home insurance costs

Image Source: Getty Images Quitting smoking can affect home insurance costs more than many people realize. Key points Homeowners insurance companies charge premiums for coverage. Many factors affect how much insurance costs. This includes if an owner is a smoker. Homeowners generally need insurance coverage to protect their home and the property they own within … Read more

3 Reasons to Sell a Stock and 1 Great Reason Not to | Smart Switch: Personal Finance

(Mark blank) If you’re a buy-and-hold investor, it’s easy to get off the topic of selling. After all, if you’re investing well, you’d expect to rarely sell. That said, it’s important to understand when you should sell a stock, even if the scenarios are few and far between. Image source: Getty images. Reason No. 1: … Read more

40 years later, ‘ET The Extra-Terrestrial’ is still perfect for a surprising reason

Too many classic movies lose their shine over time. But that’s not the case with ET the alien. Even 40 years after its theatrical release, it’s not only as stunning, smile-and-tear-inducing as ever, it still looks great. In June 1982, Eastern Time hits theaters for the first time. And if you’re of a certain age, … Read more

Women investors often outperform men, and this is the simple reason why | business news

If you know of local business openings or closings, please notify us here. PREVIOUS OPENINGS AND CLOSURES · Coal Winery and Kitchen at 81 Broad St., Bethlehem, has closed while its owner looks for a new location for the business, according to its Facebook page. · Lowhill Township Supervisors approved a 312,120-square-foot commercial warehouse and … Read more

Women investors often outperform men, and this is the simple reason why | Smart Switch: Personal Finance

(Mark blank) Over the past few decades, a curious statistic has continued to surface in various studies around the world. It seems that women tend to generate a higher rate of return than men when it comes to investing. This was first reported by a research team from the University of California at Berkeley. The … Read more

The Surprising #1 Reason You Need to Eat More Veggies, Dietitian Says: Eat This, Not That

Vegetables are, ironically, the least consumed group of healthy foods in the United States, but the most recommended. the Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2020-2025With My plate As a guide, it is recommended that adults on a 2,000-calorie diet consume at least 2½ cups of vegetables per day. Unfortunately, a staggering 90 percent of us don’t … Read more

The number 1 reason to claim Social Security at age 62 | Smart Switch: Personal Finance

(Maurie Backman) Age 62 is the earliest point at which you can claim Social Security. And if you want to get your full monthly benefit based on your earnings history, you’ll have to wait until full retirement age, or FRA, to get it. That won’t kick in until age 67 if you were born in … Read more

Murphy Presents New Jersey’s Abortion Rights as Reason Out-of-State Businesses Should Move In-State

know about Murphy Presents New Jersey’s Abortion Rights as Reason Out-of-State Businesses Should Move In-State in details Gov. Phil Murphy recently sent letters to dozens of businesses based in states with anti-abortion laws, urging them to move to New Jersey because it offers protection as “a dangerous new reality for women dawns.” Murphy, a Democrat, … Read more

Lee Suckling: Sad Reason Explains Why Women Apologize More Than Men

If you are a woman, you apologize about 10 times a day. Photo/Getty Images OPINION: “Stop saying ‘I’m sorry,’” says Blake Lively in A Simple Favour, the murder mystery movie that recently premiered on Netflix in New Zealand. “It’s a bad female habit. You have nothing to apologize for.” A century earlier, Dame Maggie Smith’s … Read more

The soul reason why we travel

The opportunity to travel is a precious gift that provides a roadmap for spiritual discovery, a compass for compassion, and a bridge to humanity. Through travel, we are better equipped to gain perspective on the enormity and meaning of not only our own lives, but the lives of others as well. This depth of experience … Read more

The best reason to take Social Security well before age 70 | Smart Switch: Personal Finance

(RyanDownie) The decision about when to start receiving Social Security benefits is one of the most important in retirement planning. Many people recognize that they can maximize their monthly checks by starting at age 70, but that’s not always the best option. There is no one correct answer that applies to everyone, and each option … Read more