Going Alone: ​​Behold the Lonely Female Traveler | Trip

Gone are the days when women were told not to venture out alone, and traveling alone for them in a country like India was considered a brave feat. But with changing times, the solo travel trend continues to grow and improve, especially in the post-pandemic world, thanks to our country’s travel and tourism industry, which … Read more

Norman F. Steinberg, co-founder of Mayer & Steinberg, Inc. insurance company and avid world traveler, dies – Baltimore Sun

Norman F. Steinberg, co-founder of the insurance company Mayer & Steinberg, Inc., died of Parkinson’s disease June 22 at his home in Pikesville. While he was widely known for specializing in insurance and hard work, Mr. Steinberg also appreciated family, travel, and the little things in life. The former Pikesville resident was 91 years old. … Read more

The traveler | Local activists hold rally for International Women’s Day, reproductive rights

Last Sunday, members of various activist groups came together for a rally in honor of International Women’s Day and in support of reproductive rights. The rally, which took place at Plaza Ferdinand in downtown Pensacola, grew out of a collaborative effort by three groups and drew dozens of spectators, including those passing by on their … Read more