Glue traps prove fatal to wild animals in Mumbai; wildlife organization seeks ban

ITP, September 25, 2022, 9:54 a.m. IST Glue traps, which are commonly used to catch and kill rats and pests, are becoming a threat to wild animals in Mumbai and neighboring districts as they often get injured and die after coming into contact with these devices. . Citing that the use of such devices violated … Read more

BC Couple Charged Under BC Wildlife Act for Feeding Stanley Park Coyotes

A man and woman arrested a year ago for allegedly feeding coyotes in Vancouver’s Stanley Park have been charged with four counts under the Wildlife Act and must serve specific bail conditions as their case makes its way through provincial court. CBC News has learned that Kemthong Clasby and Terence Lee Clasby were indicted on … Read more

Footprints Wildlife Rehab Center: A Voice for Animals in the Snoqualmie Valley

When someone needs a critter in Snoqualmie Valley, a woman is inevitably brought up as the local expert on all things small, wild, and furry. Being a huge fan of those three things, I decided I had to drive by to see what all the fuss was about. I pulled up to the bright purple … Read more

Box of Reptiles Delivered to Wrong House in Lower Hudson Valley

With more and more people shopping from home, mistakes can sometimes happen. We’ve all had a bad delivery or two. But usually, we’re talking about an Amazon mix-up, or maybe your grocery order is missing a few key items. Sometimes your package is stolen by pirates. However, when something that is actually alive and breathing … Read more

Meet Rathika Ramasamy, India’s first female wildlife photographer

In an industry dominated by men, Rathika Ramasamy leads the charge as India’s first female wildlife photographer. From battling sticky situations in the jungle to choosing her favorite wildlife photography destinations, the intrepid photographer handles it all. Travel + Leisure India and South Asia. By Pay Jain Excerpts from the interview with Rathika Ramasamy: T+L … Read more

Trisha Denise Meyer, a Texas mom who was once arrested for a house full of tigers, is in trouble again for the sale of a jaguar

A Texas mother who was once arrested for housing three tigers and several “ferocious” monkeys under the same roof as her teenage daughter is now facing federal charges after allegedly negotiating the sale of an endangered jaguar cub, which she later was abandoned on the doorstep of a California wildlife refuge. sanctuary. Trisha Denise Meyer, … Read more

Aaliya Mir, Kashmir teacher turned wildlife conservationist | MorungExpress

Aaliya Mir, Kashmiri teacher turned wildlife conservationist (twitter) Srinagar, September 20 (IANS) While most people are afraid of snakes and other wildlife, Aaliya Mir has grabbed fear by the throat. Mir, 42, from Srinagar is a brave woman who performs deeds with great courage, skill and passion that leaves everyone in awe. Aaliya is on … Read more

Salmon carcasses fill Oregon’s rivers. It’s all part of the plan.

alanna madden GATES, Ore. (CN) — If you see dead fish in the rivers of Oregon’s Willamette Valley, don’t panic. Throughout September, the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife is intentionally dumping dead farmed salmon into rivers and streams as part of its stream enrichment program, a process typically provided by historic salmon runs. According … Read more

Opinion: A dog contracted monkeypox from one of its owners, highlighting the risk of the virus infecting pets and wildlife

A dog in paris has contracted monkeypox from one of his ownersboth infected with the virus, according to a scientific article published on August 10, 2022. This is the first case of a dog contracting the monkeypox virus through direct contact with skin lesions in a human. I’m a veterinarian pathologist and virologist who has … Read more

Watch Now: Wild Animals Find a Friend in Normal Vet | Local news

NORMAL — Where there is wildlife, there will be injured animals. But when the course of nature does not allow healing, where will they go? For many locally injured creatures, the answer is Brunswick Animal Hospital, 401 N. Kays Drive in Normal. There are more than 200 licensed wildlife rehabilitators statewide, according to the Illinois … Read more

A Wildlife Documentary Full of Human Feeling – The Hollywood Reporter

Telluride saw the world premiere of a new wildlife documentary called Wildcat which has unmistakable appeal to animal lovers as well as admirers of amazing true-life stories. Amazon will screen the film this fall. The South American ocelot at the center of this animal rescue and liberation story will draw audiences, but the human characters … Read more

Vazhachal Forest Surprises Surveyors With Fauna Diversity Despite Heavy Rains | lifestyle news

A wildlife survey conducted in the Vazhachal Forest Division in central Kerala has yielded findings that inspire conservationists across the state. The surveyors say that the forest had kept a surprise for them with a rich diversity of species despite the adverse weather. A large number of sightings of birds, butterflies, and odonata, even after … Read more

Lancaster woman with a heart of gold rescues baby raccoon and other wildlife

LANCASTER — For as long as she can remember, Jodi Lynn Sylvester has been a lover of all creatures, great and small. Her recent rescue from a baby raccoon and subsequent posts she made to community groups about the story, complete with adorable photos, sent the social media world wild. Longtime Lancaster resident Jodi Lynn … Read more

Where to live if you want a pet lion

Photo: Photo and video by Pavel L (Shutterstock) The other day I came across this video of a anonymous woman carrying an upset lion down the street. The video was taken in the Sabahiya district of Kuwait, where The woman reportedly has that lion as a pet. Recently he escaped and terrorized the neighborhood, but … Read more

Can we predict which viruses will spread from animals to humans?

The natural world is a reservoir for pests. At any one time, untold numbers of viruses circulate among animals. Inevitably, some will cross the species barrier, infecting people and making them sick. Scientists call such an event a “zoonotic spillover.” No one knows how often such side effects occur; presumably, animal viruses are always establishing … Read more