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Carson City, July 5, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Carson City, Nevada —

Talisman Casualty Insurance Company, based in Las Vegas, NV, is pleased to offer its expertise to companies wishing to participate in a protected captive cell. This form of risk management allows companies to take charge of their own risk rather than relying on a traditional insurer, and the process offers a host of benefits. With Talisman insurance, businesses can get up and running with very little hassle.

Cellular captive insurance is often beneficial for small businesses that may have difficulty obtaining insurance through other means due to perceived risk. Marine contractors, for example, are considered high risk given the potential for loss, and it is not unusual to find that only the largest companies are able to deal with traditional insurance companies. New businesses have many hurdles to jump to get up and running, and this time-consuming process can mean they have to delay their operations unnecessarily while they sort out their insurance.

Fortunately, there is an alternative. With cellular captive insurance, a business can register as a participant and effectively manage their own risk (or have Talisman Casualty Insurance Company manage it on their behalf). The company in question can either secure itself or have another trusted party engage in this capacity when it registers, and each cell is set up in a legally protected structure.

One of the greatest strengths of this system is the flexibility it offers. As time goes by, various markets can show an upward trend in competitiveness, and the only way a business can stay ahead is to recognize problems early and then take immediate action. Thanks to Talisman’s services, such as its highly efficient claims handling process, this is now more possible than ever, and a business can reconfigure itself where needed with the help of the agency.

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Talisman Casualty Insurance Company recognizes that cellular captive insurance may be an entirely new field for the vast majority of your community. Despite seeing a steady rise in popularity due to its benefits, most are likely familiar with traditional insurers. As a result, the company always strives to explain what the field entails as fully as possible when onboarding new clients, a process in which clients are encouraged to ask as many questions as they like before committing. Talisman is dedicated to ensuring that its clients are completely comfortable with all aspects of the services they receive, to the extent that the agency may limit its role to the capacity the client requires.

Some, for example, may prefer Talisman to guide them through the entire process, from setup to ongoing management and so on. This is recommended for those new to cellular captive insurance. However, the reverse is also true, with certain clients opting simply to receive access to the agency’s global network of reinsurance markets (and nothing else). It is always completely up to the customer, and Talisman states that this arrangement may also be changed or updated at a future date. If asked to get more involved, Talisman can help them identify your full spectrum of risks, manage claims, set premiums, execute policies and much more. In particular, the agency can ensure that the cell meets best practices, as well as local and federal regulations.

Initially, a company will work with Talisman to establish a subsidiary entity to secure its own operations. This subsidiary, or cell, is legally separate from the main business. All of the agency’s bonuses and insurance policies are available to directors who join a captive as participants. In addition, access to reinsurance markets means clients can discuss policies with other parties that have received Talisman’s seal of approval, all meeting a similar standard of ethics and conduct as the agency itself.

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Talisman Casualty Insurance Company understands that the business community will have many questions. As such, the agency is always ready and willing to personally discuss a client’s concerns when contacted by phone or email. As a result, anyone can learn more about Talisman lawsuits, claims, risk management strategies and more at their convenience.


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