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Nobody likes a blank wall. Tezza Collage Kits They’re a super easy and customizable way to add a fun, colorful touch to any room. The options for decorating with photos are truly endless. Spread the images throughout your space, make a gallery wall, add your own images or frame them, whatever you want!

Unlike other forms of decoration, there is no need to worry about hammering a hole in the wall or stripping paint. the Teza’s website recommends using rolled blue painter’s tape around the back corners of each photo. You’re not sure where to start? Before you click “add to cart”, take a look at our ranking of Tezza’s collage kits.

The Creamy Collage Kit provides a minimalist aesthetic environment and personal care. It’s like the wellness girls on TikTok got together and made a kit. The color scheme is brown with shades of brown, gray and white. The images show elegant scenes and luxurious type moments. Overall, it’s very versatile, and its neutral color scheme makes it well-suited for virtually any space. One cool feature that comes with the kit is a Tezza app preset. This is the first time Tezza has done something like this. Buyers can download the Tezza app and use the same creamy filters that Tezza used for the kit. The kit is $49 for 75 photos.

The reason why the creamy collage kit comes last is that it is pretty basic. It’s meant to be neutral, but it doesn’t have a lot of unique factors that make it stand out from the rest of the collage kits. It seems like all the images can be found by scrolling through Instagram Reels or a Pinterest feed.

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The City Kit transports you to the busy and bustling streets of New York City. His images are dark toned, making them neutral for most interior settings and giving them a bold energy. The photos show things like the familiar New York City landscape and its interesting people.

This decorating kit will serve as the ultimate inspirational board for the entrepreneur who dreams of leaving their small town for something bigger. It will bring a bit of home to your interior decor for those who already live in a city. The kit is priced at $89 and comes with 150 prints.

The Tezza x Charles Barton kit is a collaboration with New York artist Charles Barton. His art mainly focuses on sketch drawings of humans. The images are bold, with more neutral colors and vibrant pops of red. Together they create a unique collage with each image markedly different from the next. The kit would give a high-end, artistic feel to a room.

This kit doesn’t rank higher on the list because the images are unique, don’t fit a wide variety of style tastes, and its images aren’t as timeless as some of the other collages. However, it gets bonus points for being so unique and hard to find a similar version of this collage kit. The kit is priced at $89 and comes with 90 copies, which is understandable since this is a more exclusive version of the Tezza Collage Kits.

The Coastal Kit screams the popular Netflix original, “Outer Banks.” Shoppers are transported to a warm place of sand and sun where you can almost smell the sea salt in the air. It reminds the buyer of long summer days and happy times. The warm color palette matches its environment, highlighting yellows, oranges and blues.

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There’s plenty of variety within the images, such as picturesque coastlines, clear blue seas, and eye-catching quotes. Coastal Kit will bring a relaxed, nostalgic vibe to any room. While it’s priced at *$89, it’s well worth it because it has so much potential to fit into any space.

The Dream Kit is a title that fits perfectly with this collection of images. The group gives an effortless dreamy vibe by weaving pastel, soft colors of pinks and blues. The images are more creative and non-traditional than other kits, creating a unique, relaxing and inspiring combination.

The Dream Kit is perfect if the room you are decorating needs some color and a touch of life. Also, the Dream Kit is one of the less expensive kits, coming in at $49, which is great for people looking to save money or looking for a smaller amount of photos.

The Tezza Collage Kit is the original for a reason. The photo collection suits various styles and offers a wide range of images from quotes to landscapes. The color palette is neutral enough to fit into most color schemes and adds pops of color depending on how the images are arranged.

The original kit is priced at $89 before shipping, a bit higher than some of the other collage options. However, it’s ultimately worth it because the buyer gets 150 timeless prints (whereas less expensive kits come with 75 images). When investing money in decoration, it is important to make sure that it is worth the price. The Tezza Collage Kit is classic enough to withstand various phases and decorating styles that the buyer passes through over time.

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