The Best Moments Spotted at Paris Fashion Week SS 2023

Since one never gets tired of fashion weeks, we have another eye-catching series of episodes, Paris Fashion Week SS 2023, all set to cover your summer wardrobes for the upcoming season.

Offering you a glimpse of summer 2023, French fashion is back with its array of expert tailoring designers to baffle us with their creativity and offbeat fashion instincts. Paris Fashion Week SS 2023 never disappoints, and just when you thought all your favorite designers were done presenting their best fashion in London and Milan, well, that’s when a surprise awaits you. It looks like Paris Fashion Week has it all covered for their summer soirees and brunches with these fantastic collection trails strolling down the ramp.

From the staging of stage magic and the placement of a muddy pit instead of a ramp to the Indian celebrities and content creators stealing the spotlight, Paris Fashion Week was a week full of surprises. So keep your style spirit up as we’re about to unbox these surprises and pick out the ones that took us by surprise.

A lineup of surprise items from Paris Fashion Week SS 2023

Coperni’s immersive artwork

We had to start with the one that was still doing the rounds on the gram, the runway performance that literally stole the show: Coperni’s immersive artwork that takes place smack dab center stage. No rehearsals, no nothing, just two spray guns, and bella hadid it was all Coperni needed to make history at Paris Fashion Week. Being nearly half naked to strut down the ramp in a perfectly fitted dress, it was quite the miracle that the model and the brand pulled off quite efficiently.

Baroque Revival in Dior SS 2023

Well, fashion weeks surely give us plenty of reasons to remember the old beauty of style and push our nostalgia even further. Dior Spring Summer 23 Collection it was about going back in time and remembering Catherine de Medici, a powerful woman of the renaissance. Celebrating the relationship between fashion and power, the entire collection spells out regal and vintage in bold black lettering.

Deepika Padukone at the Louis Vuitton SS 23 Showcase

No, it wasn’t just you, we even saw exactly what you saw! She was the true blue diva of B-town, and recently become a global ambassador for Louis Vuitton, Deepika Padukone was seen not only lighting up the streets of Paris, but scoring a stunning episode of front-row fashion as she attended Louis VuittonShowcase of the ‘s Summer/Spring 23 collection.

Masoom Minawala’s Style Diaries

Taking the Indian element up a notch in several fashion weeks, we have mom-to-be Masoom Minawala having the time of her life together with her escort. From throwing her sass like confetti on the streets of Paris to wearing some of the best creations from notable designers, she sure knows how to put on her own show in fashion week.

unpacking of valentino

Speaking of taking over the streets of Paris, the inventor of the Barbie-core aesthetic literally turned the street into her catwalk. Unboxing Valentino, a lavish collection that redefines different elements of fashion and style, hit the streets of Paris after strutting down the ramp to meet the world.

Balenciaga’s creativity in a muddy pit

This Paris Fashion Week SS 2023 lineup was incomplete without Balenciaga’s offbeat showcase, right? No fancy setup, nothing more than a layered muddy moat waiting for the models to walk in their latest Balenciaga creations. From the designer’s creative ingenuity to Kanye West, aka Ye, making his runway debut at the show, the audience was left in awe by these iconic events.

Botter condom gloves

Speaking of offbeat moments, it’s the condom gloves that had everyone talking at Paris Fashion Week. Oddly enough, Botter’s Spring/Summer 23 collection was all about scorning the unusual fashion game and bringing in the new and ready-to-wear. So those water condom gloves were definitely a moment worthy of making fashion history.

cher in balmain

Who better than the goddess of pop to draw the curtain on Balmain’s Spring/Summer 23 collection? Strolling down the ramp in that metallic body suit, Cher looked absolutely stunning adding that extra charm to Oliver Rousteing’s creativity and flair.

Akshat Bansal’s Bloni debut in PFW

Since the first ones are always the special ones, Paris Fashion Week saw a walk through the future of fashion courtesy of Bloni of Akshat Bansaldebut of in fashion week. Charting new heights with her unconventional sense of style, the collection was all about powerful shoulders, oversized cuts and unique silhouettes.

Loewe two-dimensional garments

Well, the mood of Paris Fashion Week turned two-dimensional for a moment when Loewe released one of fashion’s biggest art hits. In addition to the bright red anthurium flower, many gazes depicted an unreal, magical aura as they strolled down that catwalk.

Hero and Featured Image: Courtesy of Masoomminawala/IG and @Coperni/IG.

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