The Bully Never Wins – Author Jody Sharpe’s bestselling books on angels prove we can learn to overcome bullying behavior


Posted on January 19, 2023

Sharpe, a former teacher, has direct experience of the effect bullying has on children. She is the author of several award-winning books and videos that can help readers and viewers find hope, inspiration, and gratitude.

WILMINGTON, NC, January 19, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Bullying is a modern problem that affects everyone. While we often think in terms of how bullying affects children’s mental health, it also affects adults, both at home and at work. Bullying can cause anxiety, depression, and a host of other adverse mental conditions. Regardless of the number of programs we develop or the laws we implement, bullying (and its relatively new manifestation, cyberbullying) continues to affect academic and work performance. It can take many forms, from simple harassment to the level of criminal conduct.

Will it ever stop? That is unlikely. And that is why we must learn to identify it, address it and face it.

Bestselling author Jody Sharpe writes books about angels, but with a twist: Almost every book she writes involves a bully-no-win situation. As a former special education teacher, she witnessed bullying on a daily basis and has used her experience to teach others how to overcome bullying behavior. In a recent blog post, she wrote:

“If I could hear all the angels’ prayers, they would pray that our children never suffer the effects of bullying again. If I could hear the angels’ prayers, their hopes would be to inspire us in 2023, to teach all our children to stand tall , develop strength and show kindness to others.

“As I write my Mystic Bay series about angels, I know for sure that angels’ prayers flow through my mind. In my novels, the bully never wins and love prevails. How do I know this? Well, once upon a time, long ago time, when I was in tremendous pain, an angel appeared in human form and my life was never the same.”

Sharpe’s books have won numerous awards and many are bestsellers. Town Of Angels Christmas placed third in the overall division of the 2021 NFPW Communications Contest. The contest had entrants from 18 states, the District of Columbia, and Spain. This Christmas book features an entire town of angels rescuing a group of 21 horses while teaching the town bully a lesson. Already a bestseller in the Holiday Fiction category, the book will become a classic and make an ideal gift for anyone who loves angel stories, animal stories, or just enjoys watching bullies learn lessons of kindness.

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Jody Sharpe’s other books include:

To Catch An Angel – Jody is also the author of ‘To Catch An Angel,’ written in memory of her late husband Steve. In ‘To Catch An Angel’, miracles happen in Mystic Bay, California, the city with the psychic and angelic vibe. The angels are calling. Psychic Maggie Malone returns home to find that she has been swept away by the miracle of it all. She can’t imagine why she left her mother or who she could be her father. But these questions pale in comparison to the wonder of angels. Maggie meets writer Noah Greenstreet. They realize they’ve met before, but where? Maggie and Noah embark on a journey to discover that our world is awash with angels.

The Angel’s Daughter: A secret lies in Mystic Bay, California, and only two people know about it. First there’s Hannah, a cute, curly-haired angel half. Then there’s her dad, Gabe, a fizzy teddy bear of a thoroughbred angel. And it’s up to Hannah to keep the secret safe, but he’s made a colossal mistake by telling her ex-boyfriend and writing teacher, Sam Blakely. He has now written a book exposing the secret to the world.

20 Moon Road: An Angel’s Tale, the fifth book in the Mystic Bay series, is now available. The last book features a character from his Mystic Bay series, Madam Norma. Madam Norma is based on a woman who influenced Sharpe’s life in a number of unforgettable ways.

Miracles still happen in the town of Mystic Bay, California. Angels live there like humans. Angel Ken, a former soccer coach, is shocked when her late best friend, the indomitable psychic Madam Norma, appears in spirit form and asks him to write the story of her life through the memories she made. will send you. Surprising Angel Ken, Madame Norma saw thousands of angels since childhood.

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Readers of the Mystic Bay series who want to get started with the first book in the series can now access ‘Angel’s Daughter’ on Kindle Unlimited. The book serves as a great introduction to Jody’s concept of angels on earth.

‘Special Needs Children, Angels on My Shoulder’ is a memoir based on her twenty-five years teaching special needs children. The book placed second in the National Federation of Women Press’s At-Large Communication contest. The book is as entertaining as it is enlightening. It is a love story about the special students and other people who throughout the years graced her life with that, their grace.

With hearts of angels and challenges to face, the children took Sharpe along on his journeys and inspired his own life’s journey of self-discovery. When pain came, her kindness helped her through it. The timing of events from high school to her retirement changed her life for the better, turning her face to the sky.

Midwest Book Review stated, “Sharpe’s ability to see the good in circumstances and people identifies the ‘special’ in ‘special needs’ as she charts her journey through the education system and the teaching and social encounters that changed her life.” perspective and life

“Teachers (especially those who work with children with special needs) will find this spiritual and social reflection easily accessible. It is presented in vignettes that offer small digestible snippets of information about a world where angels and goodness are present in more than one way.” “.

‘Special Needs Children’ followed her recently published children’s book on angels, ‘When The Angel Sent Butterflies’. The new book helps children understand that the love of their parents and others surrounds them. Love conquers fear and believing that angels are near can help remove any childhood fears. This concept is introduced in the book when Angel Ken sends butterflies to Jones and Kate. The book, appropriate for children ages 2 to 7, is available now on Amazon and Ingram.

Additionally, in the ‘Tuesdays With The Angels’ section of his site, Sharpe features stories of actual encounters with angels. The stories are available on Sharpe’s website at

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Sharpe hopes to create a collection of angel stories involving angel sightings, angel interactions, miraculous angel encounters, and other types of tales or stories. Everyone is welcome to submit angel stories. All submissions will be considered, but inclusion is not guaranteed. Stories can be sent to

Sharpe’s YouTube channel brings all of this together, offering segments on all of these topics. A topic of special interest is bullying, specifically as it relates to children with special needs.

In addition to the National Federation of Women Press award, Jody was chosen as a winner in the annual ’50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading’ Book Awards. She was chosen from hundreds of authors through a public voting process.

Jody also recently announced that two new screen treatments from her books are now available: ‘Angel’s Daughter’ and ‘Christmas in the City of Angels’. The angelic presence on earth is the central theme of all of Ella’s books in Ella’s Mystic Bay series. The series consists of four books, the first of which, ‘Angel’s Daughter’, is now available on Kindle Unlimited.

Jody Sharpe is available for media interviews and can be contacted at the information below, or by email at [email protected]. Angel stories can be sent to All of his books are available in online bookstores. New quotes will be added every Tuesday to the ‘Tuesdays With The Angels’ section of his blog, which can be found on his website at


Jody Sharpe had a rewarding career as a special education teacher. Writing about angels became healing after losing her daughter and then her husband. The valuable lessons she learned about moving on and loving life in the now have put her on a mission to tell stories with love, humor, and spiritual awakening. The fictional city of Mystic Bay has given him a way to bring together characters and themes, hoping to enlighten the reader towards contemplation of the precious life and memories we are given.

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