The five parenting tips and traveler traditions mother of six Paris Fury swears by and shares with Molly-Mae Hague

WHILE many new moms look to educational books or social forums for advice, pregnant Molly-Mae Hague is likely turning to someone a little closer to home.

In September, the former Love Island star revealed that she is expecting her first child with boyfriend Tommy Fury, 23, three years after they met on the fifth series of the hit ITV2 reality show.

Molly-Mae is likely turning to her soon-to-be sister-in-law Paris Fury for parenting advice.


Molly-Mae is likely turning to her soon-to-be sister-in-law Paris Fury for parenting advice.Credit: Instagram
Molly-Mae enjoys a holiday with her boyfriend Tommy in Dubai when she turns 7 months pregnant


Molly-Mae enjoys a holiday with her boyfriend Tommy in Dubai when she turns 7 months pregnantCredit: Instagram

And the 23-year-old fashion director, who is currently seven months pregnant with a baby girl, is likely to ask her soon-to-be sister-in-law Paris Fury, who is a mother of six, for parenting advice.

Paris and her former heavyweight champion Tyson were quick to congratulate the young couple on their news, with the relatable mom calling it “the best news ever” as she re-shared her lovely video mail.

Here, Fabulous takes a look at the traveler tips and traditions Paris goes for when it comes to raising its big brood, from homeschooling to the trick she uses to help her kids organize around the corner. mornings…


Being married to Tyson Fury, who is worth an estimated £26 million, means Paris Fury could probably live wherever she wants.

Paris and Tyson Fury have stayed in Morecambe to make sure their children have a


Paris and Tyson Fury have stayed in Morecambe to ensure their children have a “normal life”Credit: instagram
Molly-Mae Hague and Tommy Fury live in a luxurious Cheshire mansion


Molly-Mae Hague and Tommy Fury live in a luxurious Cheshire mansionCredit: instagram

But the glamorous mother and her husband have stayed in the Lancashire seaside resort of Morecambe, where they became their permanent home in 2011, to ensure their children have a “normal life”.

the couple shares six children – Venezuela, 12, Prince John James, nine, Prince Tyson II, four, Valencia, three and baby Athena, who was born prematurely last August.

And with Molly-Mae, currently living in Cheshire with Tommy, rising to fame since her appearance on Love Island, it’s likely she’ll follow in Paris’s footsteps and do whatever she can to make sure her daughter stays grounded.

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Appearing on the Rob Beckett and Josh Widdicombe podcast, breeding hell In November, Paris, who lives in a £550k house, explained: “The other thing that’s hard is just living a normal life.

“For us to live in Morecambe, which is where we are at the moment, and that’s easy because everyone has known us for years here.

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“So we’re not anything special. We’re not like, ‘oh wow, here’s Tyson and Paris, here are the kids, here they are, oh my gosh,’ it’s just normal.”

“And yes, people say hi and take a picture, but that’s about it. It’s not like a big test.”

“But when we go to towns, cities, zoos, fairs, whatever, there is no normal life. There is no normality.”

And Tyson has made no secret of the fact that he doesn’t feel like moving either…

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Speaking on his three-part ITV documentary series, ‘Gypsy King’, he explained: “People say to me: ‘Why don’t you live in California or America?’ Why would there be?

“Why would I leave my own country for a little money and some fame?

“I love it. I would never leave Morecambe. She is a real beauty. If the weather were better, each house here would cost a million pounds.”

In February, the heavyweight champion took instagram and posted a snapshot of himself in Morecambe Bay with a candid caption noting that he “never forgot” his roots.

In the post, he wrote: “King of the world, but I never forgot where I come from.

“Started here in Morecambe and still here. I have stayed grounded and stayed true to myself. It’s a lonely place on top of the world.”

“Believe in yourself and follow your dreams, you never know what is possible.

“With faith all things are possible all praise be to God.”


Paris, mother of six, takes out her children's clothes the night before to save time


Paris, mother of six, takes out her children’s clothes the night before to save timeCredit: instagram

As any parent will know, getting a child organized in the morning is enough of a challenge. So imagine the obstacles Paris has to face with six.

Fortunately, the identifiable mother, who admits she’s “not a morning person,” has a very handy trick that helps her dress her children with minimal effort every morning.

And it’s definitely something Molly-Mae will remember years from now when her little girl starts school.

taking to instagramParis posted a snapshot of her kids’ clothes laid out the night before, so she doesn’t have to pick up clothes in the morning.

“Life hack me mam taught me,” he wrote.

“Place the children’s clothes for the mornings.

“I’m not a morning person and my brain doesn’t work well before 9am so this helps.”


Paris took her eldest daughter Venezuela out of school at the age of 11


Paris took her eldest daughter Venezuela out of school at the age of 11Credit: Instagram/Paris Fury
The mother of six offered a sneak peek of the gift bags for her children's teachers.


The mother of six offered a sneak peek of the gift bags for her children’s teachers.Credit: instagram

Following the lore of the travelers, Paris and Tyson revealed how they pulled their eldest daughter, Venezuela, out of school when she was 11 years old.

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speaking to FabulousParis previously said: “We finished school at primary age, which is the traditional way of traveling.

“We just brought the tradition into the 21st century. Venezuela wanted to leave school and all its [traveller] friends were leaving.

Your tutor will keep you up to date with all your tests. She will also have piano lessons.”

The glamorous mom also appeared on Loose Women and recounted the backlash she received after her decision to homeschool her daughter, but insisted she’s “not taking away any opportunity.”

“It’s nothing new for us,” Paris explained. “It’s what our culture has always done, our race of people like gypsies and travelers.

“We gave Venezuela the choice: do you want to go to high school or be home schooled?

“I had such a bad backlash, ‘Did you take away his chances for this, his chance for that?’

“I have not taken away his advantages because he will sit on his levels and go through all the schooling.

“When you’re 15 and 16, if you want to keep learning, you can.”

Paris went on to explain that she spent three years studying how to run a beauty therapy business so she could start her own salon.

“I told my girl that she can do anything,” he continued.

“She’ll keep up with her studies and then when that time comes.

“People just see it as ‘you took her out of school,’ but that’s not the case.

“I can’t take all the credit, she has a tutor.

“Someone comes in weekly and does all her work, and keeps her up to date with the standards she has to meet.

“That’s going very well.”

When it comes to school, another problem parents like Molly-Mae may face is what gift to buy for their child’s teacher.

Well, Paris has offered the perfect solution after revealing that she had made gift bags for her kids’ teachers when they split up for summer break.

On Instagram, the Lancashire mum showed how the bags contained bottles of wine and other goodies.

She wrote: “Last day of school for teacher gifts to be ready.”


Paris Fury took a sweet snapshot of her family as they sat front row to watch the WWE clash at Cardiff Castle.


Paris Fury took a sweet snapshot of her family as they sat front row to watch the WWE clash at Cardiff Castle.Credit: Instagram

Paris often shares pictures of fun family days out, revealing their tight-knit bond.

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In January, Paris and her family posted photos posing in the sunshine over the bank holiday following Tyson’s sensational win over Dillian Whyte.

Tyson wrote: “Lovely day with the family. Blessed.”

The snap adorably showed off the large brood of the family. dresses with matching red tracksuits.

In June, Paris enjoyed another jam-packed day with her family in Blackpool.

The mother-of-six took to her Instagram page where she documented her packed day, which included a visit to Madame Tussauds, Sealife and The Blackpool Tower Dungeons.

Then, in September, Paris, who was again joined by her husband Tyson and their children, posted a sweet photography as they sat front row to watch WWE Clash at the Castle in Cardiff.

She captioned the post: “Best family fun at @wwe @princialitysta Cardiff.”


The glam mom recounted how she makes her kids cringe when shopping on the sale rails.


The glam mom recounted how she makes her kids cringe when shopping on the sale rails.Credit: instagram

Having children can be expensive, but according to Paris, not everything has to be designer.

speaking to Fabulousthe glam mum recounted how, despite making her kids ‘cringe’, she still checks out the deals and can’t resist bargains from Poundland or Asda.

“I have become my mother,” says Paris, 32. “I get up and now my daughter shrinks me when I’m at the window.”

“And I’m buying Asda pajamas which are just £3. I can’t help it, it’s just me.”

She continues: “I think you become your parents, but I don’t see where it would go.”

“People say: ‘Oh, do you shop at Asda?’ or wherever I go. But where else do you think I’m going? Here [Morcombe] There aren’t many options, but I like it here. I think it’s just normal.”

“Where we come from, you know that you can’t always have everything and that things are limited,” he explains.

“So when we had our kids, we both said we wanted to try to keep them grounded.”

“And I’m aware of this and with my children, I’m raising them the way I was raised, which is what people find so strange.”

And Paris is fully aware of the privileges and luxurious lifestyle that comes with being married to one of the most famous boxers in the world.

“On the other hand, kids are jumping into first-class seats, we have to have that kind of balance,” he continues.

“I remember we got on the plane and instantly my youngest son…he’s only five years old, gets into a first class seat and says, ‘Ma’am, could I have a Coke, please?’ That is not right. Stop!”

“I even think to myself ‘little spoiled brat’. They automatically do it.”

“But then, on the other hand, they ask me, ma’am, can I have £2 to go to the sweet shop? And sometimes I say ‘no’, because they already went this morning.”

“I still need to try to maintain some level.”

Discussing the moment Tyson signed a new five-game deal with ESPN in his autobiography, Love & Fury, Paris writes: “We were both raised by our parents to
appreciate the value of money and use it wisely.

“We saw no reason to stop buying from Asda and Home Bargains, and
we had no immediate plans to move our family home.
which we loved, despite the growing lack of space, for a