The funniest Twitter reviews and reactions

It’s becoming something of a tradition at the moment. have you seen binge Emily in Paris season 3 yet? The internet certainly has, and already has some ideas.

It’s the show that everyone loves to hate watching, and arguably no matter how bad the reviews are, many still make it a Christmas tradition to watch the latest season of Emily in Paris All in one or two days.

Happy to be a part of something, even if it’s creating memes around the cringe fest that is this hit Netflix show, scroll on to see some of the internet’s best reactions and early reviews for Emily in Paris season 3.

Light warning: some spoilers ahead, but nothing major or groundbreaking. That Emily in Parisafter all.

Emily in Paris Season 3: The best online reviews and reactions

To all the French

To all the American people

us throughout december

We are all in favor of holiday traditions.

Here for Sylvie.

Queen Silvia.

Change the name of the show to Sylvie.

How about this edition?

Or this edition?

Do not mess with him Gossip Girl


He is the cutest.

We love this for her!

Blessings, writers.

That suspense!!!

so exact?

True story.

Love it or hate it, happy Emily in Paris time!

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