The list of the best cities in the world includes 5 in Canada

Five Canadian cities are among the best in the world, according to a ranking published this week for 2023.

The list of the best cities, limited to those with populations of more than one million, included TorontoMontréal, Calgary, Vancouver and Ottawa among the top 100, according to the Resonance Consultancy World’s Best Cities Reporta BC-based marketing consultancy

Those behind the list said the rankings were determined by analyzing a wide range of factors that have historically shown positive correlations with attracting jobs, investment and tourism.

Diversity, education and a high number of major company headquarters were the reasons Resonance ranked Toronto the best city in Canada and 24th in the world.

“The fact is, you can visit the world in a day here,” Wayne Smith, professor and interim director of the Ted Rogers School of Hospitality and Tourism Management at Metropolitan University of Toronto, told CTV News Toronto.

“There are not many other places in the world that even come close to the diversity of the city. If you want Afghan food, you can find it. If you want some Sudanese food, you will find that too.”

Montreal, Canada’s second largest city, with its income equality, culture, “iconic McGill University” and technological expertise that attracts foreign investment, was ranked 56th.

Calgary was ranked 65th, with points for its youngest population, accessibility to education, income equality, and quality of life.

Metro Vancouver was ranked 69th on the list. Income equality, a “world-ranked” university, safety, and the area’s unique topography were reasons Vancouver made it into the top 100.

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Canada’s capital Ottawa was the only other Canadian city on the list, earning high marks for education, low cost of living and job availability.

“We scored very highly on some key elements that set us apart from other cities around the world,” Catherine Callary, vice president of destination development at Ottawa Tourism, told CTV News Ottawa. “Our most valuable asset is our people.”

According to those behind the top 100, 24 factors were considered to determine which cities made the cut and in what order.

Based on scores determined by those factors, no Canadian city secured a place in the top 10, and no other city was included in the top 100, but the million-population criterion means most other cities would not qualify.

The list named Kyiv the world’s best honorary city of 2023, and the report described the Ukrainian capital as a “beacon of courage and resilience” in the face of daily tragedy.

London managed to get the official top spot due to its popularity with tourists and investors, the prevalence of luxury properties, high-profile residents, and economic development.

Following London are the cities of Paris, New York, Tokyo, Dubai, Barcelona, ​​Rome, Madrid, Singapore and Amsterdam, which complete this year’s top 10.

Reporting for this story was paid for through the Meta-funded Afghan Journalists-in-Residence Project.

With archives from Michael Woods of CTV News Ottawa and Alex Arsenych of CTV News Toronto

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