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Below is the second pound-for-pound ranking of the women’s collegiate wrestling season, which includes all divisions. Last year’s off-season results were included in the rankings, but more recent college results, especially the Missouri Valley Open, weighed more heavily.

The roster has been expanded to 25 fighters after including 20 during the first set of rankings.

The women on this list are the ones most likely to compete this season. Things can change, and this list too. This ranking is a collaboration between FloWrestling and American Women’s Wrestling.

Table of Contents

1. Dymond Guilford (Cumberlands), SR, NAIA, 170lbs

Guilford has yet to compete, but her international season keeps her at number one. She will join Yelena Makoyed, number 2 on this list, as the US 76kg representative at the upcoming World Cup in Coralville.

Previous Rank: 1

2. Yelena Makoyed (North Central), SR, NCAA, 170 lbs.

Makoyed has dominated the competition so far this season, including a 10-0 technical over Life’s Jessie Lee at the All-Star Classic on November 22.

Previous Rank: 2

3. Adaugo Nwachukwu (Iowa Wesleyan), SW, NAIA, 136 pounds

Nwachukwu skipped the Missouri Valley Open but won 6–0 over McKendree’s returning national champion Alara Boyd at the All-Star Classic. She dominated the Luther Hill Open, but was defeated by Grand View’s Andrea Schlabach when the Iowa Wesleyan sophomore led 9-0. Nwachukwu ultimately won, 13-4.

Previous Rank: 3

4. Lexie Basham (Texas Wesleyan), SO, NAIA, 130lbs

Basham’s stock rose after the Missouri Valley Open, but he is holding steady at No. 4 in the pound-for-pound rankings. She won the 130-pound loaded group, including a 3-1 final win over P4P #5 Cameron Guerin.

Previous Rank: 4

5. Cameron Guerin (McKendree), JR, NCAA, 130lbs

Guerin remains ranked #5 after losing a tight match to Basham in the Missouri Valley Open finals. She has been dominant this year aside from a lone setback.

Previous Rank: 5

6. Sydnee Kimber (McKendree), SR, NCAA, 191 lbs.

Kimber is the heavyweight champion of college wrestling. She has three collegiate national titles and recently won the Missouri Valley Open over NAIA Missouri Valley Champion Kelani Corbett in the final. She defeated Corbett again at the All-Star Classic a few days later.

Previous Rank: 6

7. Ashlynn Ortega (Rey), SR, NCAA, 143 lbs.

Returning national champion Ortega remains in 7th place even though she has yet to compete this season.

Previous Rank: 7

8. Peyton Prussin (Life), SO, NAIA, 109 pounds

Prussin went head-to-head with Emily Shilson, an undefeated four-time national champion, at the All-Star Classic. There is no indication if Shilson will return to collegiate competition, but Prussin more than proved that she is one of the collegiate elite.

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Previous Rank: 8

9. Marissa Gallegos (Colorado Mesa), JR, NCAA, 123 lbs.

Gallegos swept the Maverick Open and then came in second at the Bill Farrell Memorial International.

Previous Rank: 10

10. Marlynne Deede (Augsburg), SR, NCAA, 155lbs

Deede moves into the top 10 after an impressive run at the Missouri Valley Open.

Previous Rank: 11

11. Sydney Petzinger (North Central), SO, NCAA, 109 pounds

Petzinger has had a couple of close games this season, but the rest have been technical or pinball.

Previous Rank: 13

12. Sage Mortimer (King), SO, NCAA, 116 pounds

Mortimer went 1-2 against tough competition at the Bill Farrell Memorial International, but has had only one close match during the collegiate season: a 6-5 win over teammate Dianna Holmes.

Previous Rank: 15

13. Jaslynn Gallegos (North Central), JR, NCAA, 116 pounds

Gallegos was a wrecking ball at this year’s Adrian Open.

Previous Rank: 16

14. Olivia Shore (Tiffin), SO, NCAA, 101 pounds

Shore is a returning national champion, but has yet to compete this year.

Previous Rank: 14

15. Ana Luciano (Rey), SR, NCAA, 136 lbs.

Luciano ran for the East Stroudsburg Open despite going 0-2 at the Bill Farrell Memorial International.

Previous Rank: 18

16. Mia Palumbo (Iowa Wesleyan), SO, NAIA, 109 lbs.

Palumbo placed third at the Missouri Valley Open behind Unattached-Iowa wrestlers Nyla Valencia and Brianna Gonzalez.

Previous Rank: 19

17. Ashley Lekas ​​(Augsburg), SO, NCAA, 170 pounds

Lekas ​​enters the P4P rankings following her title in the tough 170lb field at the Missouri Valley Open, which included a final win over Simon Fraser’s Emily Cue.

Previous Classification: Unclassified

18. Victoria Baez-Dillone (Umpqua CC), FR, NJCAA, 130lbs

Baez-Dillone fought for Spain at the Under-23 World Championship and has now earned a spot in the pound-for-pound rankings after finishing third at the Missouri Valley Open. She is the first junior collegiate wrestler to be ranked.

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Previous Classification: Unclassified

19. Yele Aycock (North Central), SO, NCAA, 130lbs

Aycock has been on a roll this season, but it’s her 2-1 win over Nina Makem at the Pointer Open that earns her a spot on this list.

Previous Classification: Unclassified

20. Nina Makem (Augsburg), SO, NCAA, 136 lbs.

Makem dropped three spots following the loss to Aycock, but still has a top-20 spot after his second-place finish at the Missouri Valley Open. She lost in the final, 3-3, to Unattached-Iowa’s Nanea Estrella.

Previous Rank: 17

21. Carolina Moreno (Southern Oregon), SO, NAIA, 123lbs

Moreno was the 2022 NAIA champion, but her third-place finish at Missouri Valley and an 11-0 prior technical over Campellsville’s Leilah Castro (second at weight) were enough to clinch a ranking spot this week.

22. Emily Cue (Simon Fraser), SR, NCAA, 170lbs

Cue dropped a couple of places, but a second-place finish behind Lekas ​​at the Missouri Valley Open keeps her in the standings.

Previous ranking: 20

23. Alexis Gomez (Grand View), SR, NAIA, 143lbs

Gomez placed third at the NAIA Invitational last season, but turned in an impressive performance at the Missouri Valley Open, losing only to Unattached-Iowa’s Reese Larramendy in the final.

Previous Classification: Unclassified

24. Ashley Gooman (Providence), SR, NAIA, 116lbs

Gooman placed fourth at the 2022 NAIA National Championships and reached the finals of the 116-pound Missouri Valley Open, where she fell to Unnatached-Iowa’s Felicity Taylor.

Previous Classification: Unclassified

25. Alara Boyd (McKendree), SR, NCAA, 143 lbs.

Boyd was upset in the first round of the Missouri Valley Open, winning four straight and defaulting. He fell to Nwachukwu a few days later at the All-Star Classic, but remains in the rankings, well, because he’s Alara Boyd: a three-time national finalist and 2021 national champion.