The psychic Nicolas Aujula who ‘predicted the COVID pandemic’ in the predictions for 2023

It’s the time of year when we start to think about what the next year might bring, and a London-based person psychic He says he has the answers.

Nicolás Aujula says he predicted in 2018 that an influenza outbreak would have a devastating global effect, which he now claims was the COVID-19 pandemic.

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He is also credited with predicting Donald Trump’s 2020 election defeat; the devastating 2019 fire at Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral and the breakup of the British Royal family as a tight-knit unit.

Now the 37-year-old has offered up his predictions for what 2023 holds for him, and it makes for haunting reading.

Self-proclaimed London-based psychic Nicolas Aujula. Credit: Instagram/Nicolasajula

Here are his top seven “visions” for what we can expect the new year to bring.

1. A fire will engulf a real building

Just as he claims to have predicted the hell of Notre-Dame, Aujula believes that a fire will engulf a royal palace, or possibly a presidential palace.

He said Sun that political unrest will lead to a coup in an attempt to overthrow a leader, but he did not specify where.

2. The popularity of the royal family will plummet

“I think the income and popularity of the royal family will decline,” Aujula predicted.

“So they can sell their properties, or they can turn something into a hotel, or they’ll have to diversify.”

Kate, William, Harry and Meghan outside Windsor Castle. Credit: WPA Group/fake images

We only have one question about the decline in actual popularity.

Has Nicholas seen the reaction to the Harry and Megan documentary about Netflix?

3. King Charles will have health problems

King Charles III he will experience problems with his “heart or circulation,” Aujula said.

While the heart problems may come as a surprise, King Charles’ so-called “sausage fingers” have already been discussed this year – a condition that can be caused by circulation problems.

King Charles has referred to his ‘sausage fingers’. Credit: Max Mumby/Indigo/fake images

4. The end of the economic crisis is not in sight

Depressingly enough, Aujula predicted that the economic decline in the UK, and presumably other countries facing the same problems, will be “long term”.

“I think the worst will come at the end of the decade,” he said.

“We’ll go into a recession and things will get better, then we’ll have another one.

“I think there will be a double recession globally. As a result, we will see a lot of job losses and business closures.”

That’s been happening a lot in recent years, but is it still happening in 2029? Sheesh.

5. Madonna is going to have a ‘difficult year’

Until pop culture predictions are concerned, Aujula said Virgin was to experience “pain” in 2023.

“I feel like he’s going to have a tough year ahead of him,” he said of the 64-year-old pop star.

A psychic has predicted that Madonna will have a ‘difficult’ 2023. Credit: Instagram/Virgin

In recent months, fans and followers have been shocked by Madonna’s change in physical appearance and some of the dark videos she has been posting on Instagram.

But Aujula did not specify what would cause Madonna’s pain, only that she would experience it.

6. Beyonce will ‘question their relationship’

Aujula’s second pop culture prediction revolved around beyonce marriage to Jay-Z.

He said the singer may be “going through a little change and transition in her life and may question her relationship.”

Does this mean a separation or divorce is on the cards?

We’ll have to wait and see.

Jay-Z and Beyonce. Credit: access point

7. Another great fight at an awards show

if you thought Will Smith slapping Chris Rock at the Academy Awards was the most controversial thing to happen at an awards ceremony, you might want to think again.

Aujula said there would be another roundup of men at a film festival or awards show in 2023 to compete with this year’s “Slapgate.”

Will Smith was banned from the Academy Awards for 10 years after slapping host Chris Rock. (AP PHOTO) Credit: access point

Who is Nicolás Aujula?

Describing himself on his Instagram page as a therapist, astrologer, healer, filmmaker and “globally published visionary,” Aujula said he first realized he had psychic abilities 17 years

“I had this almost out-of-body experience and was able to see several of my past lives,” including an incarnation as an Egyptian queen and another as a lion.

Nicholas Aujula. Credit: Instagram/Nicolas Aujula

“I fell into a trance state.

“I think it was a real turning point because it was when I dropped out of school and trained as a hypnotherapist in regression therapy.”

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