The Thriving Pet Franchise Industry

Pets not only improve a person’s quality of life, they prove to be a wise business endeavor. The industry is worth over $100 billion and is expected to grow. As any pet lover knows, it’s not uncommon to consider pets as members of the family. People will constantly spend money, time, and attention on family, even when times are tough, making most pet-related franchise opportunities recession-proof. How much money is spent on your care? for some DearDog owners spend more than $1,500 a year on their care, two-thirds of which goes to retailers and supply stores. A dog has to eat, right?

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Franchise Opportunities Related to Pet Sitting

When you think of the pet industry, national retailers like PetCo and PetSmart come to mind. However, there is much more variety when it comes to franchises related to pet care, regardless of your knowledge of animals. While retail stores are a franchise option, there are also dogs (and yes also cat) Pet daycare and grooming: A large market when mobile-based franchise operations are included.

Pet sitting, training, medical concepts, bar/dog park combos, pet supplies, and pet waste disposal franchises are also viable business ventures. As with other franchise categories, previous experience is not a requirement, however it helps if you are already a pet lover. After all, what is not to love? Pets enrich our lives, provide companionship, protect our homes, and offer many the experience of caring for something outside of themselves.

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Pet Owner Demographics

When choosing to invest in any franchise, it is advisable to gain an understanding of the target market. Pet owners in the US are a diverse group, notable across all demographics, age groups, genders, and income levels. There is a fairly even distribution of pet owners across the spectrum of ages and generations. Based on the proportion of pet owners in the US, millennials top the list at 35%, closely followed by Generation X at 32%. Baby Boomers make up 27% of all pet owners, followed by 6% of seniors. But what matters most to pet owners when considering a purchase? Convenience. Closely followed for good value and free or reasonable shipping. At least a third regularly shop online for pet-related purchases, and about the same number rely heavily on online reviews.

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What pet sitting-related franchises top the current list?

Among the pet care-related franchise concepts listed in this year’s Franchise 500, Pet Supplies Plus was the highest ranked, ranking 20th overall. The brand has more than 600 locations in the US and has seen an increase in awarded units of 35.7% in the last three years alone. Dogtopia got 51St. overall ranking, leading the pack in dog daycare franchises, an extremely popular and growing category. The rest of the list is a wealthy mix of other pet-related business models, from mobile grooming to dog training to walk-in veterinary clinics. To view the full list and see which pet-sitting-related franchises earned a spot of the entrepreneur prestigious Franchise 500 list, simply follow this link.

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