‘The world needs a talent pool of 20 million developers by 2030’: 20 quotes of the week on digital transformation

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Measurement of learning outcomes, content quality, AR/VR content, and supplemental learning will drive the future of educational technology. -PP Sunil Acharya, AWS

Edtech has the ability to provide personalized attention to each and every student, as well as help them gain a strong foundation. – Bhavesh Goswami, Cloud That

Undiscovered exemplary teachers need to get on board with edtech platforms and find their next customer base. – Pallavi Venkateshan, AISPL

Education has reached a tipping point where new technologies can help improve the teaching process, reduce administrative burden, and ultimately create a better, more personalized learning experience for students, at scale. -Charlotte Trugdill, Jackett

Digital transformation and digitization will continue to see great traction in the health care mastery.- Nitin Gupta, Suki

Data is the new oil patients have that oil and control it. – Gunjan Bhardwaj, Partex N.V.

The financial ecosystem is ripe for collaboration. – Harshvardhan Lunia, Lendingkart

Insuretech firms are reinventing what the health insurance of tomorrow could look like. The idea of ​​insurance is not just to provide you with financial protection when you enter a hospital, but to take care of your integral Health, so you don’t get sick at all. – Saurabh Arora, Plum

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Fintechs can speed up slow financing and cash flow procedures, boosting growth of MSMEs. – Shams Tabrej, Ezeepay

Many processes and pathways can be created to online citizens to meet offline and online to bring an issue to a point of resolution. – Rohini Nilekani, ‘Samaaj, Sarkaar, Bazaar’

facial biometric technology offers the ability to authenticate clients in a user-friendly way while also strengthening security. – Siddharth Kukatlapalli, Sintizen

Privacy and data are two sides of the same coin. Data has been one of the biggest trends in recent years and it’s only a matter of time before privacy catches up. – Abhishek Mohan, Indian Redwood

B2C startups are initially operations-intensive and then become technology-intensive, but it is the opposite for B2B startups. – Naganand Doraswamy, Ideaspring Capital

For players, Web3 is exciting because they can go and trade, and it’s open and transparent, and they own the assets themselves. – Shripati Acharya, Senior Venture Partners

Technology is playing a very important role in this [astrology] industry as customers have access to thousands of verified astrologers 24/7. – Puneet Gupta, AstroTalk

Technology has empowered people to start a business, regardless of their location or resources. -Bhavik Vasa, GetVantage

Product protection is no longer an afterthought; in fact, it’s fast becoming the center of attention for OEMs and consumers alike. – Apurva Patel, Singularity Growth

Technology keeps changing and the reality is that technology, more than anything else, is the hardest thing to undo and redo. – Ameera Shah, Metropolis Healthcare

The world needs innovative solutions and for that we need many more women in STEM (science, technology, engineering, medicine). – Ezhil Subbian, Network Biography

The world needs a talent pool of 20 million developers by 2030. – Ashish Sharma, upGrad

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