This Single Mom Got Her Life Back With Utah’s Fun Activities Insta Page

When Gina Mecham got divorced last year, she became a single mom…and a social media influencer.

In Instagram Y tik tok, Mecham publishes as Utah Fun Activities. The accounts, which, as the name suggests, share fun things to do in Utah, have more than 100,000 combined followers.

“In addition to raising my kids, managing these accounts is my full-time job,” she says.

Most of Mecham’s income comes from paid posts, he says. Different organizations in the state pay to share their activities in their stories or videos. Today, Mecham says he can earn over $3,000 a month from paid posts alone.

Of course, Utah Fun Activities didn’t start out that way: It launched in 2019 as a private Instagram account.

Mecham’s ex-husband is in the military, and while they were married, they moved around a lot.

“I was a stay-at-home mom with the kids in New York, in Germany, all over the world, just trying to entertain my kids and help us feel comfortable wherever we were,” she says. When her family moved to Utah, Mecham began documenting her lives for friends and family. If they went to a new museum or a nice park, she would post it.

“I wanted a place to show our loved ones what we were doing,” she says. “I mean, it was a private account. The posts and content she was sharing were not easily accessible. That was not my goal.”

Like many other popular internet creators, the account’s growth was entirely by word of mouth, and a bit by accident.

“Friends invited friends who invited their friends to follow the Page,” says Mecham. “And I didn’t know what to do! I just accepted all the requests.”

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Within a few months, Mecham had 1,000 followers on the locked profile. When he hit 5,000 later that year, good things ut He approached her.

That interview was the beginning of many, many more. TV shows, radio stations and magazines flooded Mecham’s inbox.

“It was like a bomb had gone off,” he says.

As Mecham’s follower count grew, an idea began to take shape: what if this turned into a business?

“The strength of this account is that it has everything in one place,” she says. “When I was looking for things to do, we had multiple tabs open, all these different websites. I saw the need for a centralized site. Do you want to know about carnivals, hot air balloons, hiking trails and places to eat? Everything is here on my Instagram, where a lot of people are already.”

The other great piece of Utah fun activities? Culture.

“I’m Latina and I speak Spanish,” says Mecham. “My platform is also bilingual, and much of my audience also speaks Spanish or immigrated to Utah. I knew that I use this platform to connect people like me with the local culture.”

Making the Utah Fun Activities account public just “felt good,” Mecham says, and he did. Mecham continued to post casually, though the idea of ​​establishing himself as a brand became more and more difficult. She ignored him.

“My husband was very against all of this,” she says. “He thought he was spending too much time online and that he really had no future.”

For a while, Mecham believed that too. When the divorce went through, she was left even more short on time. Now, she had a mortgage payment to make and three children to support.

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“I needed to start building credit,” says Mecham. “I needed the loan company to put my name on the documents. It was a stressful time and the money coming from social media was not enough.”