Transgender Sports, Critical Racial Theory Bills Vetoed by Gov. Beshear

Among the eight vetoes cast Wednesday, Gov. Andy Beshear took aim at two of the most controversial issues in education this year: transgender student-athletes and “critical race theory.”

Senate Omnibus Bill 1, Beshear wrote in your veto message“represents a step backwards for public education in the Commonwealth.”

His shift of principal and curriculum selection from school-level parent-teacher councils to superintendents “diminishes, if not eliminates,” the voice of parents, Beshear wrote.

It “unfairly singles out” the Jefferson County school board, he continued, limiting the board to one meeting per month and transferring additional authority from the board to the superintendent. Such conditions would not apply anywhere else in Kentucky.

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And language targeting the CRT fervor added to the bill would control necessary classroom conversations about race and dictate how history is taught, Beshear wrote.

In a separate veto message, Beshear said that Senate Bill 83 would ban transgender girls and women from playing on girls’ and women’s sports teams, beginning in sixth grade and continuing through college, without giving any reason why such would be the case. measure would be necessary.

“If the General Assembly really intended to prevent an unfair advantage in women’s sports, it need look no further than the policies of the Kentucky High School Athletic Association,” Beshear wrote in his veto of SB 83.

Beshear said lawmakers did not point to a single case of a Kentucky boy who gained an unfair advantage because he was transgender, nor did they share any examples of current KHSAA policy that failed to maintain a level playing field.

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